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What Is Your Weakest Chakra? Take This Quick Chakra Quiz to Find Out

Our chakras are all the time in flux, transferring between being lively or closed, sturdy or weak. From the finite to the infinite, our chakras specific all that it means to be a soul having a human expertise.

On the base of the backbone with the Root Chakra, we’re linked to the earth and issues of being human. This vitality progresses up the backbone to the crown of the top with the Crown Chakra the place we’re linked to our greater selves, the universe, and all of the issues of being an infinite soul.

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When there’s a block in a particular chakra, that vitality in our refined physique will not be transferring at its optimum price and may impression each emotional and bodily facets of our lives. This could trigger emotions of emotional instability, monetary lack, relationship points, complications, and the checklist goes on.

Bringing steadiness to the chakras may even carry steadiness to your exterior life. Beginning on the base of the backbone and closest to earth is the Root Chakra, and we transfer up the size of the backbone with the Sacral Chakra, the Photo voltaic Plexus Chakra, the Coronary heart Chakra, the Throat Chakra, the Third Eye Chakra, and at last the Crown Chakra.

These placements and particular vibrations mirror inside and exterior facets of life. As above, so under. As inside, so with out. Your exterior life is a mirrored image and direct results of your inside life.

Bringing steadiness to the chakras may even carry steadiness to your exterior life. As inside, so with out. Your exterior life is a mirror of your inside life.

Our historic ancestors understood that the whole lot within the universe is comprised of vitality and vibration, and the human physique isn’t any totally different. Once we are in alignment and vitality is flowing freely and vibrantly, we usually tend to expertise grace and ease in life.

When there are blockages in our inside vitality, as with a weak or closed chakra, then we’re prone to expertise mirrored challenges. For instance, in case your coronary heart chakra is imbalanced or blocked, it’s possible you’ll expertise bodily results like excessive or low blood stress, or emotional results like not feeling worthy of affection or scuffling with self-love. The manifestation of the ailment from a blocked chakra could be each bodily and emotional.

Excited by studying extra concerning the chakras? Learn An Introduction to the 7 Chakras

By figuring out a weak or imbalanced chakra, you may work to carry it again into vibrant steadiness. Take the chakra quiz under so you may work by way of any chakra imbalances or weaknesses and produce your seven vitality facilities again into steadiness.

Take This Chakra Quiz to Decide Your Weakest Or Most Imbalanced Chakra:

1. What’s most essential to you that you simply don’t really feel you’ve got in your life proper now?

A. Monetary stability / security B. A connection to your greater self / a meditation observe C. Compassion / empathy D. Robust instinct / foresight E. Creativity / nurturing F. Clear communication / potential to hear nicely G. Sense of self / willpower

2. Think about a rainbow in your thoughts. Which colour do you’re feeling least drawn to?

A. Pink B. White C. Inexperienced D. Indigo E. Orange F. Blue G. Yellow

3. Which assertion is least true for you proper now?

A. I’m protected in my self, in my life, and in my funds B. I’m linked to the universe, to my greater self, and to my infinite soul C. I’m able to specific love, compassion, and empathy to myself and others D. I’m in tune with my instinct and I take heed to it with out hesitation or doubt E. I’m artistic, considerable, and vivacious F. I’m able to converse my reality and permit others to talk theirs G. I’m sturdy, brave, and know precisely who I’m and what I would like

4. Which aspect do you’re feeling least linked to at the moment?

A. Earth B. Metallic C. Air D. Gentle E. Water F. Ether G. Fireplace

5. What’s your greatest problem proper now?

A. I’m experiencing weight achieve / despair / exhaustion / nervousness / insecurity B. I’m disconnected from myself / feeling alone / unable to specific my feelings C. I’m feeling unworthy of affection / drawn to manipulation / codependent D. I’m cynical / untrusting of others / hooked up to an end result E. I’m afraid of change / creatively stagnant / sexually annoyed / emotionally unstable F. I’m afraid to ask for what I would like / unable to hear absolutely to others G. I’m unable to make selections / don’t know what I would like or who I’m / missing confidence

6. Which bodily ailment(s) are you experiencing?

A. Constipation, weight achieve, decrease again ache, kidney stones B. Gentle sensitivity, hassle concentrating, complications, absent mindedness C. Bronchial asthma, respiratory issues, higher again ache, poor circulation, excessive or low blood stress D. Imaginative and prescient issues, complications, migraines, listening to or ear points E. Urinary tract infections, irregular menstrual cycles, sexual hassle, infertility F. Jaw ache or TMJ, thyroid issues, voice loss, tonsillitis, neck/shoulder ache G. Indigestion, sluggish metabolism, meals allergy symptoms, consuming dysfunction, eczema, pimples

7. What would you like extra of in your life?

A. A profession that’s stuffed with ardour and goal B. Inside peace and non secular connection C. Neighborhood, connection, self-appreciation D. Higher judgement and choice making E. Creativity and wholesome intercourse F. Self-expression and clear communication with others G. Confidence and private route in life

Right here Are the Outcomes to Your Chakra Quiz:

The outcomes are in! Decide which chakra is out of steadiness out of your solutions. NOTE: it’s attainable to have multiple imbalanced chakra. You possibly can take this chakra quiz as many instances as wanted to find out the well being and state of all seven chakras.

In case you bought largely A’s:

Your weakest chakra is the First Chakra, or the Root Chakra, which is positioned on the base of the backbone.

This chakra is linked to the whole lot that’s stable and finite together with funds, goal, shelter, safety, meals, water. When this chakra is imbalanced you may expertise monetary instability, despair, and nervousness.

To steadiness this chakra: Convey extra security and stability into your life, specific feelings of loss and grief, and discover what your life goal is.

Study all concerning the Root Chakra right here

In case you bought largely B’s:

Your weakest chakra is the seventh and highest chakra, or Crown Chakra, positioned on the crown of the top.

This chakra is linked to the whole lot that’s ethereal and infinite together with spirituality, your greater self, and the universe as an entire. When this chakra is imbalanced it’s possible you’ll expertise emotions of loneliness, lack of religion, dread, or really feel like nothing issues.

To steadiness this chakra: Meditate on connection to your infinite soul, spirit guides, angels, and ancestors.

Study all concerning the Crown Chakra right here

In case you bought largely C’s:

Your weakest chakra is the Fourth Chakra, or Coronary heart Chakra, positioned within the middle of the chest across the coronary heart.

This chakra is linked to unconditional love, empathy, compassion, self-love, and acceptance. When the Coronary heart Chakra is imbalanced it’s possible you’ll really feel apathetic, hopeless, unworthy, and unwilling to forgive.

To steadiness this chakra: First begin with loving your self – as cliché as that sounds, it actually is step one in giving and receiving love from others. You possibly can meditate on unconditional self-acceptance and slowly prolong that to others as you construct your love muscle.

Study all concerning the Coronary heart Chakra right here

In case you bought largely D’s:

Your weakest chakra is the Sixth Chakra, or Third Eye Chakra, positioned within the mind, between the eyebrows.

The Third Eye Chakra is linked to your instinct, foresight, open mindedness, and judgement. When this chakra is imbalanced it’s possible you’ll really feel misplaced, such as you don’t know what to do and don’t know which path to take or what your soul needs.

To steadiness this chakra: Go along with your intestine feeling when making a choice or eager about a situation. It’d sound apparent, however the extra you may belief your self and your instinct, the extra your third eye will open and you may develop the present of foresight.

Study all concerning the Third Eye Chakra right here

In case you bought largely E’s:

Your weakest chakra is the Second Chakra, or Sacral Chakra, positioned within the pelvic space.

This chakra is linked to your creativity, sexuality, intimacy, and talent to beginning (concepts or kids) into life. When this chakra is imbalanced it’s possible you’ll really feel like nothing is manifesting or such as you don’t have a artistic bone in your physique. Even deeper, it’s possible you’ll be having fertility points or have skilled a sexual trauma.

To steadiness this chakra: Categorical your artistic wishes however don’t fear about holding an artwork present. You can too discover your sexuality extra with self-pleasure, or observe somatic therapeutic to launch embedded sexual traumas.

Study all concerning the Sacral Chakra right here

In case you bought largely F’s:

Your weakest chakra is the Fifth Chakra, or Throat Chakra, positioned within the neck on the throat.

This chakra is linked to self-expression to talk your reality and let the world know who you’re and the way you’re feeling. Authenticity and communication are on the middle of the Throat Chakra. When the Throat Chakra is imbalanced, it’s possible you’ll expertise the bodily lack of voice and problem being heard, or conversely, listening to others.

To steadiness this chakra: Apply talking from the guts with braveness and create house for others to do the identical. Your voice is your strongest automobile to talk reality.

Study all concerning the Throat Chakra right here

In case you bought largely G’s:

Your weakest chakra is the Third Chakra, or the Photo voltaic Plexus Chakra positioned between the navel and sternum.

This chakra is linked to confidence, willpower, vanity, and ego. When the Photo voltaic Plexus is imbalanced it’s possible you’ll really feel unworthy of what you need, painfully shy, unable to take motion, and uncomfortable in your personal pores and skin.

To steadiness this chakra: You will need to observe self-acceptance so you’ll find confidence and take command of your life. Meditate on being the person/girl of your goals and notice that the whole lot you want is already inside. Stroll into locations such as you personal the joint and maintain your head excessive.

Study all concerning the Photo voltaic Plexus Chakra right here

Your Chakra Quiz Outcomes Are In! Which Is Your Weakest Chakra? Use This Perception As a Guiding Gentle

The fantastic thing about being human is that we’re all the time capable of make modifications and changes in life. Inevitably, all of us have days after we’re on high of our mountain and days when it looks like we’ve completely misplaced the path and we’re wanting up on the summit. There’s mild and darkish in the whole lot, and we will’t anticipate to all the time be on high of that mountain.

Now that the place you’ve got some room for enchancment, Take This Chakra Quiz to Discover Out What Your Strongest Chakra Is!

View the chakra system as a solution to higher perceive and empower your self by being in tune along with your vitality and your wants. Once you take command of your vitality and your life, you’ll start to see that your inside world is mirrored in your outer world.

No matter your weakest chakra(s) could also be, take that perception to reorganize your life in that space holistically. You’re a non secular being having a human expertise, and typically that human issue could be difficult. Go straightforward on your self and observe compassion.

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