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Steps For Painting A Plastic Model Kit

Portray is without doubt one of the most vital elements of constructing your mannequin. Whether or not you might be following the directions or making your personal creation, a mannequin can develop into an actual eye catcher when it’s painted. Now it is advisable to decide how you’ll paint it, what sort of paint you’ll use and the colours you prefer to it to be.

Listed here are seven simple steps to observe for an excellent mannequin package paint job.

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  1. Wash the elements in heat soapy water.
  2. Base coat with primer.
  3. Sand the primer with a really wonderful grit sand paper.
  4. Stir paint earlier than portray.
  5. Brush paint the mannequin or
  6. Use a sprig can in gentle layers earlier than heavier or
  7. Use an airbrush for the proper paint job.

Cleansing All The Components

Good preparation is the important thing to a clean paint job. Guarantee that your surfaces are fully free from mud and grease as a result of the plastic elements can have a residue from the moulding course of.

That is the oil that helps to separate the moulded plastic elements from the steel mould within the manufacturing facility. This may be completed simply by first washing the plastic timber in heat water with some dish-washing detergent.

Look ahead to any small elements which will get damaged off through the cleansing course of. Enable elements to fully dry earlier than dealing with.

Simply earlier than it’s time for the primary paintwork, wash the assembled mannequin a second time and let it dry for a day. This second washing will clear away oils and mud.

Why Base Coat My Mannequin Equipment With Primer?

A primer coat is crucial to attain a great paint job. Primer is important to seek out the imperfections and tough areas which will want extra sanding. When portray a mannequin in an identical colour as the colour the mannequin was molded in, you wish to prime it a distinct colour so you will note gentle or missed spots.

There are numerous priming paints obtainable which are good at hiding minor scratches and floor imperfections. You must also use a light-weight gray or white enamel paint as a primer. Utilizing a light-weight colour or you can see it a lot tougher to get the ultimate paint to cowl the primer layer.

I’d advocate that you simply use an enamel primarily based primer, as these have a tendency to stay to reveal plastic rather a lot higher than water-based paints.

How To Sand And Put together The Primer For Paint

After the primer layer has totally dried (after at the least 24 hours), you need to gently sand the paint with a really wonderful grit sandpaper (2000 grit) utilizing numerous water to maintain it from scratching the mannequin floor.. I normally use a worn wet-and-dry sandpaper to rigorously sand or rub the paint.

Flippantly sanding the primer will get rid off all of the minor lumps and bumps which may be current on the floor, and it additionally makes rather a lot higher base for the ultimate paintwork.

Stir and Put together The Paint

Paints should at all times be stirred earlier than use to permit the contents to combine with one another. Stir the paint firmly with a toothpick, a plastic stick or a small picket spatula for about one minute. Shaking the bottle just isn’t good because it lets air bubbles into the paint.

Guarantee that the paint has the appropriate consistency – for brush portray it needs to be considerably thicker than milk.

You’ll want to make certain that you retain the sting of the paint container clear with a fabric in order that the lid will shut firmly when you will have completed.

How To Brush Paint A Mannequin Equipment

As you get began it’s simpler to color the smaller elements on the sprue and to take away them solely after they’ve dried. Missed spots might be touched in after the elements are joined. You do not need to use paint to the mating surfaces the place you’ll ultimately apply glue. Use good high quality brushes.

You’ll want to spend money on some good artist’s paintbrushes, not these low-cost paintbrushes all of us used as youngsters. It will likely be nicely price the additional cash spent.

You may make holders for your self utilizing garments pins, cocktail sticks pushed into foam or you may safe your ‘deal with’ onto areas that can not be seen on a chunk of waste sprue. There are additionally half holders you should purchase in craft shops or interest websites.

As you paint attempt to transfer the comb in just one path, in case your paint has the appropriate consistency, the comb strokes will disappear because the paint dries. Don’t paint forwards and backwards, or you’ll find yourself with ugly and visual brush marks.

Paint in a number of skinny layers fairly than in a single thick, permitting to dry nicely between coats. Giant areas are very tough to color evenly utilizing a brush. Construct up colour in a number of lighter layers, fairly than a single, heavy one, as this will cowl up element. Work from gentle to darkish as darker colours can ‘bleed’ by lighter ones.

How To Paint A Mannequin With A Spray Can

Preserve the can roughly 12 inches from the mannequin as you spray gentle constant stokes, cautious to not get it on too heavy that it’ll run. You have to shake the can each couple of minutes to maintain a constant colour. Let dry half-hour earlier than making use of the second even coat. Then permit 24 hours earlier than dealing with.

Spraying paint with a can offers you a smoother total end with no brush strokes and in case you’ve completed it proper, even protection. For modelers who wish to keep away from the funding of money and time in an airbrush, spray cans can produce acceptable outcomes.

The paint will spray extra even and stick higher if it’s warmed. Sit the can in heat water until it reaches room temperature. The contents are beneath stress so watch out, overheating might trigger the can to blow up, inflicting severe injury or damage.

An OSHA-rated two-canister masks is really helpful as there are dangerous odors and particles within the paint. The fumes are flammable so watch out the place you paint, conserving away from any open flames. Guarantee you will have ample air flow in your portray space.

Why Use An Airbrush On A Mannequin Equipment

It’s probably the most exact method to paint as you may range the stress, regulate the spray sample, combine your personal colours, and construct a end in wonderful, skinny layers. You may mix the perimeters and obtain different results that look extra to scale than heavier functions with a brush or a sprig can.

photograph by wikiHow shared beneath a Inventive Commons license

To start airbrushing, you have to an airbrush and an air supply like an air compressor. As well as, you’ll need a regulator (to manage the stress). You have to an inline moisture entice that can stop condensation within the line from reaching your mannequin.

You have to to get a chunk of plastic like a milk jug or whip cream tub to observe on. Observe the directions rigorously and observe, observe, observe.

Sort of PortrayExecsConsAbility DegreeApprox. Prices

For more information on getting began with airbrush portray take a look at this put up

Remaining Ideas

Portray a mannequin might be very difficult in addition to very gratifying. It’s a ability that you will note huge enchancment in with the completion of every mannequin you construct. Take delight in your accomplishment and transfer on to your subsequent mannequin.

Joyful Modeling!

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Airbrush bother taking pictures:

  1. Sputtering is attributable to too low of air stress.
  2. Orange peel have an effect on is attributable to low stress or holding the sprayer too far again.
  3. Working paint is attributable to merely making use of an excessive amount of paint or portray too shut. Keep away from this by spraying extra skinny layers.
  4. Clogging the tip is attributable to too thick of paint. Skinny it so it flows higher.

Spray can bother taking pictures:

  1. Pebbly, tough end is attributable to spraying from too far-off. Transfer nearer.
  2. Runs and drips are attributable to an excessive amount of paint, both since you sprayed from too shut or for too lengthy in the identical spot. Transfer again and preserve the can shifting whenever you spray.
  3. “Fish eyes” or paint pulling away from areas is attributable to floor contaminants pushing by or repelling the paint. Clear the mannequin completely earlier than portray.

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