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Ogham Alphabet Meanings, History, and Divination For Beginners

For these curious about nature spirituality, bushes have at all times held knowledge and been thought of sacred. Every Ogham alphabet image derives its title from Celtic mythology and metaphorical tree meanings.

Whereas many pagans, witches, or these curious about nature spirituality use the Ogham symbols for divination, there isn’t any proof stating these have been the precise or meant makes use of. Oghams have been typically used as an Irish alphabet, to mark graves, indicating land borders, and join with nature or ancestors.

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Oghams are filled with symbolism and non secular magic, and their meanings can maintain many alternative messages. It’s important to know and respect those that have used them over time. Oghams are sacred and impactful to those that used them (and proceed to make use of them) for spells, sigils, and magic. They assist you to attach with the vitality of every tree and the spirit of nature.

Bear in mind there’s a LOT of data to find out about Celtic Ogham rune symbols and their meanings, and that is an overview for newbies. I did my finest to attempt to preserve it very informative however so simple as potential. I’m on no account an Ogham professional, however I do have a deep curiosity in them. I did a ton of analysis for this submit and referenced all of my sources on the backside of this text.


How Do You Pronounce Ogham or Ogam? Which spelling is right?

Pronunciation – Oh-mm or typically pronounced as oh-am

Ogham is spelled with a “gh” in Fashionable Irish. Nonetheless, in Outdated Irish, it was spelled “g” (Ogam).

Ogham symbols The First Aicme

Ogham versus Runes – Is Ogham the identical as Elder Futhark Runes?

There are some similarities between the gods that created them (Ogma and Odin), and so they might have been used concurrently across the identical time interval. Nonetheless, Oghams don’t have any direct reference to the Elder Futhark Rune symbols.

Nonetheless, it’s attention-grabbing to notice the English phrase “rune” is from the Norse phrase runa, which suggests secret or thriller. Likewise, the Irish phrase rùn additionally means secret or thriller.

Celtic Ogham Runes Symbols Video

In the event you’d want to study all about Oghams and see how I made my very own set of staves try the video under!

Ogham Historical past and Folklore

Most of what we find out about Oghams and Ogma-the-Solar-Face god has been pieced collectively by completely different Gaelic historic writings and tales. Legend states Ogma (god of knowledge and training) invented Ogam, however no extra particulars are given.

There isn’t a proof to point its existence earlier than the Roman period, and it’s believed to be developed by one individual round 200 – 300 CE.

Some theories point out Latin origins on account of Ogham construction, sounds, and vowels. Just like Latin, Ogham has 5 vowels, whereas Gaelic has ten. Once more indicating Latin origins.

Oghams have been typically carved into bushes or bark to doc genealogies and for magical intentions. There are over 300 stones presently in Eire which have Oghams etched into them. Some appear to have moved, so it’s not solely clear in the event that they have been used to mark graves, outline land borders, or one thing else.

In 1940, Robert Graves revealed The White Goddess, which sparked fashionable curiosity in Oghams. Robert Graves was the grandson of the Ogham scholar, Charles Graves. Nonetheless, Robert embellished a little bit of the historical past and interpretations. Whereas fairly lovely, it’s not fully traditionally correct.

Whereas this translation can nonetheless maintain non secular that means and significance to those that work with Oghams, it’s vital to not let fashionable developments overshadow the unique intentions. Let your instinct and spirituality information you when working with Oghams.

feda original ogham staves

Find out how to Learn and Use Ogham Runes

Initially Oghams began with twenty symbols (referred to as feda (pronounced fey-duh), that means ‘bushes’ or ‘wooden”) and have been assembled into 4 teams referred to as aicme (ack-meh), that means household or class, and was based mostly on the path of the image’s strokes often called flesc (pronounced flay-shk), they have been created to embody the Irish language.

5 extra letters (referred to as forfeda, that means “supplementary letters’) have been added later so as to add in sounds felt to be lacking from the unique alphabet and align them a bit extra with Latin.

The letters are composed of notches that look just like tree branches. You’ll discover the unique twenty are way more easy and simpler to carve into wooden. The extra 5 letters are extra intricate and tougher to carve.

Oghams have been written vertically when carved into stone and skim backside to prime (as you’d climb a tree). They have been later written in manuscripts and skim left to proper.

What are Ogham Staves? How do I Use Ogham For Divination?

Ogham staves are sometimes comprised of picket sticks with the Ogham symbols carved or painted onto each, then used as a type of divination. I’ve seen some lovely units the place every stave is manufactured from the corresponding tree it’s related to, however some are so simple as popsicle sticks. The selection of making or shopping for your personal is solely as much as you.

Even when the unique Ogham alphabet wasn’t divinatory, as some historians have said, every image has deep magical and legendary meanings related to them; and makes for an efficient divination methodology. The Ogham alphabet has a lot data to convey if we solely take the time to decelerate and study their distinctive meanings.

The most well-liked option to follow Ogham divination is by deciding on a sure variety of staves to solid. The quantity chosen can range on the practitioner, however commonplace quantities are 3, 6, or 9. You are able to do this by reaching into the bag or container the place you retailer your staves and choosing every Ogham randomly. Folks will lay out every stave and maintain their arms over them whereas desirous about their query or intention with their eyes closed after which selecting.

Take just a few moments to meditate with them in your arms; deep ruminate in your query or issues and whenever you’re prepared, solid them out in entrance of you. Alternatively, you can too pull one Ogham stave and use that alone to reply your query.

One other in style divination approach is to attract three Oghams for an expansion or format. What the format represents is as much as you, however listed below are just a few concepts to get you began –

  • Previous, Current, Future
  • Non secular, Bodily, Emotional
  • Spirit, Ancestor, Deity

Some imagine that every Ogham doesn’t have a reversed that means and that its intention is identical, whether or not up or down. Nonetheless, some discover reversed meanings a useful instrument in divination, so I included it in every description under in your reference.

It’s vital to do not forget that every Ogham can have numerous meanings, and it’s important to maintain an open thoughts when utilizing them. As an alternative of on the lookout for sure and no or good and improper solutions, preserve an open thoughts and contemplate numerous viewpoints and potentialities. Stay versatile and unbiased and let your instinct information you greater than something written in every Ogham description.

ogham staves muin

Celtic Ogham Rune Image Meanings

Every Ogham corresponds with a tree and might have numerous metaphorical meanings. Oghams are blended with completely different meanings and symbolism and are deeply related spiritually and culturally. The Ogham alphabet has a lot data to convey if we solely take the time to decelerate and study their distinctive meanings.

The First Aicme

Beith ogham rune symbol meaning


Pronunciation – Beh

Tree Affiliation – birch

Which means – Most related to joyful beginnings (childbirth, relationships, job, a brand new section in life, and many others), creativity, and cleaning. Bear in mind, change can typically be uncomfortable and difficult. Now is a superb time to begin getting ready and laying the groundwork for the transformations forward. What are you able to do to organize your self for the adjustments forward?

If reversed – Stagnant and rancid vitality. You’re caught prior to now and have to let go of destructive ideas so you possibly can transfer ahead.

Inscription and Magical Makes use of – Recent beginnings or overcoming difficult moments or cleaning energies, physique, or area. Strive inscribing on a brush deal with, sweep away destructive vitality, and make method for brand new intentions.

Folklore – Birch bushes have been steadily used for love magic. For that reason, birch bushes have been typically used for maypoles to represent renewal and fertility. Birch was additionally utilized in Eire and Scotland to create a crib and was believed to offer newborns security.

Luis ogham rune symbol meaning

Luis or Lus

Pronunciation – Lwee or loo-s

Tree Affiliation – rowan

Which means – Protection, herbalism, management of 1’s actions, in protection of animals (notably cattle), development, and contemporary concepts. It may well additionally symbolize a menace to your prosperity, pleasure, or bodily or psychological wellness. When luis seems throughout divination, it will possibly point out a sudden burst of creativity or inspiration. It could even be an indication of consolation that you’re being taken care of and have what it takes to beat any problem introduced to you.

If reversed Chances are you’ll be weak or prone to destructive intentions. Which means that you must be cautious and take correct measures to bypass any potential threats.

Inscription and Magical Makes use of – Put on an amulet with this image for cover and security. You can additionally place it in your entrance door with a wreath. Symbolize your ancestors or departed family members to permit them to help in your safety.

Folklore – Because of Rowan’s protection and safety symbolism, it was steadily planted at sacred areas. Rowan was believed to be protected by dragons and snakes.

fearn ogham rune symbol meaning

Fearn or Fern

Pronunciation – Truthful-n

Tree Affiliation – alder

Which means – Non secular steerage, creativity, selections, emotional safety, and safeguarding your self in opposition to hurt. Be open to recommendation from an elder or somebody whose opinions you deeply worth. Bear in mind to additionally comply with your intestine intuition and take heed to your instinct. Now is a superb time to collect data and knowledge to make the very best choices potential going ahead.

If reversed Stubbornness, you could be disregarding good recommendation. This will additionally symbolize that you’ve hit a inventive wall. Strive stress-free and issues from one other viewpoint.

Inscription and Magical Makes use of – Useful when feeling emotionally overwhelmed. Use to attach and converse with the universe, ether, or otherworld. Inscribe on a allure to assist appeal to prophetic goals and good counsel. Carve right into a candle when working with spirit guides.

Folklore – Alder is waterproof and was typically used to make buckets for milking. The receptacle holding milk corresponded with the Celtic delusion of magical cauldrons and cup of inspiration, together with the Holy Grail.

Saille ogham rune symbol meaning

Saille or Sail

Pronunciation – Sahl-yuh

Tree Affiliation – willow

Which means – Steadiness, instinct, carefully related to the moon’s cycles, excellent timing (astrologically), sentimental emotions, the circulation of water, and tides. Willow bushes (typically discovered close to water) and the moon are carefully linked on account of their reference to water. Saille can also be related to divination and instinct. Protecting your connection to your Self open and wholesome is an empowering trait and really valued.

If reversed You’re feeling defeated, distracted, or misplaced. Use your data and instinct to information your self again to alignment.

Inscription and Magical Makes use of – Great for Moon Water, moon magic, cyclical intentions, or working with the component water. Enable the flexibleness of the willow tree to affect your non secular life. Let your self be a bit extra fluid; preserve your self and instinct open.

Folklore – willow was typically used as a witching rod to find water and in addition for basket weaving on account of its flexibility. 4 thousand years in the past, Sumerians used Willow bark for ache aid, as did different historical civilizations. Hippocrates really helpful chewing on willow bark or brewing it for tea to deal with fevers and to alleviate girls’s ache throughout delivery. Through the nineteenth century, scientists came upon Willow tree contained salicylic acid when utilized in aspirin at present.

Nion ogham rune symbol meaning

Nion or Nin

Pronunciation – Nee-uhn

Tree Affiliation – ash

Which means – transitions, renewal, the energy of girls, development, peace, supportive friendships, and destiny. Battle and challenges are a pure a part of life and are crucial when evolving or rising, and it’s important to simply accept this reality. Nin symbolizes the approaching collectively of buddies, households, and communities for a optimistic goal. Ash can also be consultant of destiny, however this doesn’t imply you’re sure to a specific course however signifies a singular path that’s particular to you. Boundaries usually are not an obstacle as a result of they may help make us conscious of connections, hyperlinks, and develop inventive options. Create the life you most want with zeal and confidence!

If reversed A necessity for assertiveness and management of your life. If you end up struggling, find the basis of the issue. It could be an excellent time for shadow work. Contemplate delaying any motion, so you could have time to ponder and doubtlessly change your perspective solely.

Inscription and Magical Makes use of – Great for manifesting your needs and intentions. Use for assist with creativeness, creativity, new views, and non secular and emotional therapeutic.

Folklore – In some Celtic magic, a department of Ash is historically used to make a magical employees or wand. They’re steadily carved with spirals and thought of very sacred.

The Second Aicme

Huath celtic ogham symbol meaning


Pronunciation – Hoo-ah

Tree Affiliation – hawthorn

Which means – limitations, despair, safety, loneliness, strife, or feeling suffocated. Don’t keep away from issues or points in your life. Chances are you’ll be experiencing setbacks or misfortune, however it can ultimately cross. Bear in mind good instances and troublesome instances are a pure a part of life. Now will not be the time for aggressive reactions, be affected person. Search for options whereas remaining humble and open to new potentialities with out dismissing your authentic intentions or targets.

If reversed You’ve come to an deadlock or standstill. In the event you proceed to be forceful and aggressive, it can result in embarrassment or distress.

Inscription and Magical Makes use of – Use to assist clear your ideas of negativity and open your instinct and perception. Huath provides persistence, knowledge, and empathy to your spirituality.

Folklore – In Irish mythology, the hawthorn is a Faery tree that acts as a barrier, permitting solely these to cross who’re deemed worthy. Because the hawthorn blooms in Might, a wreath of its leaves was typically positioned on prime of the maypole, and its flowers have been introduced into the house at Beltane for good luck. Nonetheless, superstitious perception indicated that bringing Hawthorn blossoms into your own home would additionally invite illness and dangerous luck throughout another time of yr.

duir celtic ogham symbol meaning

Duir or Dair

Pronunciation – Doo-r

Tree Affiliation – oak

Which means – Power, safety, resilience, endurance, knowledge, sacred areas, management, and kindness. All of your arduous work and training have paid off. Just like the oak, you stand tall and mighty. You’re in a helpful scenario (household, work, financially, inventive, relationship, and many others.), and this circumstance will keep that method for fairly some time. Belief your self! Additionally, oak represents the extreme vitality and energy of storms and wind. Symbolic of the endurance and stamina you possess that permits you to flourish and thrive.

If reversed cowardly, unsure, or frail. You haven’t been performing kindly or pretty in your management function. It’s okay to lack data and details, however don’t make it a typical follow.

Inscription and Magical Makes use of – Inscribe this ogham on an acorn for good luck in job interviews, braveness, or pursuing justice. Duir is a superb ogham inscription to maintain at work. Useful when working when storms, lightning, or the component air. It can be utilized in therapeutic or for many who want reminders of their resilience, profound energy, and tenacity.

Folklore – Oak bushes are thought of sacred guardians. They’re a superb place to meditate beneath or search energy and assurance. In the event you catch an oak leaf earlier than it touches the bottom, you’ll have wonderful well being all through the chilly winter months. Consultant of the Oak King, who marks the start and climax of the Summer season Solstice.

tinne celtic pagan ogham rune meaning


Pronunciation – Chin-yuh

Tree Affiliation – holly

Which means – Experience, evaluation, safety, transformation, and expertise or talent. It could really feel as if you’re secretly being sabotaged, or there may be an underhanded plot in opposition to you. Both in your relationships, at work, spiritually, or all of them mixed, and you could really feel a variety of anger. Now will not be the time for revenge; as a substitute, select concord, wit, and bravado to seek out options to the present competition. Additionally symbolic of your inventive skills and expertise, this may be spiritually, personally, or at work. Both an indicator you must push by any inventive limitations you’re scuffling with or encouragement to proceed alongside this inventive path.

If reversed Assault, hardship, or aggression. Select your battles properly; now could also be a time to retreat and regroup. Don’t be embarrassed and belief your intuition; you could want time to regulate to new conditions or non secular transformations. Alternatively, you could be avoiding a inventive talent you’d finally flourish in; it is a signal to pursue and study extra!

Inscription and Magical Makes use of – Place beneath your doormat to guard your own home. Use when making an attempt to adapt to new circumstances or circumstances or whenever you want a brand new outlook. Useful when wanted inventive inspiration.

Folklore – Wooden from a Holly tree was extremely regarded by warriors and protectors and steadily used to make weapons. Holly was typically planted round a house to maintain out evil spirits. Consultant of the Holly King, who marks the start and climax of the Winter Solstice.

coll celtic ogham rune meaning for pagans


Pronunciation – Cull

Tree Affiliation – hazel

Which means – Enlightenment, data, inventive inspiration, daydreaming, rituals, proficiency, and practicality. An ogham of nice knowledge and thought of fairly fortunate. It was believed this supply of information got here instantly from nature and through the use of all 5 senses you’d comprehend this knowledge.

If reversed Ignorance, insensitivity, inventive limitations. Concentrate on rising and improvement; you lack training. If life has been disappointing you lately now is an efficient time to vary your perspective and discover the easy joys in on a regular basis moments.

Inscription and Magical Makes use of – Useful to make use of with meditation when trying to find inventive inspiration, perception, or deep data. Carve or wooden burn into hazelwood to make use of as a wishing wand to assist manifest intentions and goals.

Folklore – The hazel tree was thought of so sacred that one would obtain the loss of life penalty for chopping it down. An Irish delusion references Finn mac Cumhail, an apprentice who gained extraordinary data from consuming a salmon that ate up 9 hazelnuts from the Properly of Knowledge. (FYI, in case you didn’t discover, Coll is the ninth ogham).

quert ogham rune spiritual meaning for pagans

Quert or Ceirt

Pronunciation – kwairt

Tree Affiliation – apple

Which means – Bodily and psychological wellness, relaxation, wholeness, non secular concord, and selections. These optimistic outcomes sometimes happen after struggling, ache, or unhappiness. Consultant of a profound connection to the universe. A reminder that you just matter simply the best way you’re. There’s no have to show your self by productiveness or work. It’s okay to relaxation, decelerate, and be nonetheless. Alternatively, related to having to make selections, hardship, psychological sickness, or self-destructive behaviors.

If reversed Despair, illnesses, and total sad vitality. Your physique or thoughts could also be forcing you to relaxation since you’ve not made it a precedence. You may additionally be affected by despair, anxiousness, or different psychological points which are inflicting you extraordinary unhappiness. Please discover a skilled that may give you the very best recommendation and who may help you get well.

In the event you’re in disaster, keep in mind there may be at all times somebody there to assist! For confidential help in the US, name – 1-800-273-8255

Inscription and Magical Makes use of – Useful to make use of with meditation when pursuing a non secular awakening, prosperity, or therapeutic. Great to make use of when giving therapeutic and optimistic energies to a liked one. Use to bind destructive behaviors or intentions, focus them away from you, or defend your self.

Folklore – Linked to optimistic magical outcomes and Avalon, an island the place wild apple bushes, grapevines, and grains grew naturally, thought of paradise. Those that lived on this island had very lengthy lives. Apples are sometimes related to love, and when an apple is reduce in half, the seeds kind a star and are typically utilized in divination.

The Third Aicme

Muin celtic ogham rune spiritual meaning


Pronunciation – M-win, Moon

Tree Affiliation – Vine

Which means – Objectives are coming to fruition, persuasion, celebration, stress-free, harvesting, and play. Muin splendidly symbolizes the metaphor of reaping what we’ve sown. Now’s a time for pleasure, to relaxation, and benefit from the fruits of your labor. Vine produces grapes which creates wine that enables us to let go of self-conscience ideas, permitting for inventive inspiration, a relaxed altered consciousness, and revealing truths. It additionally represents deceit, fallacies, or denial of details. Bear in mind to constantly pursue the origin or supply of any info you obtain. Proceed with warning earlier than performing on any details or recommendation you’ve been given.

If reversed an indication of utmost indulgence and serves as a reminder that excellent achievements additionally require self-discipline. Look ahead to indications of dishonesty, misrepresentation, or tall tales.

Inscription and Magical Makes use of – Useful when searching for inventive inspiration, internal development, searching for reality, non secular knowledge, or for assist with communication.

Folklore – Vine is related with the Inexperienced Man and Bacchus (god of wine) and is commonly depicted with vine leaves round his head or as a crown.

gort celtic ogham rune spiritual meaning for pagans


Pronunciation – Gort

Tree Affiliation – Ivy

Which means – Spirals, tenacious, wildness, improvement, abundance, gratitude, relaxation, and reawakening. The attractive spiraling of ivy is symbolic of our soul’s seek for that means, our DNA, and the galaxies within the universe above. The Celts seen spirals as consultant of life and spirit, exhibiting how we will additionally develop and broaden. Ivy additionally represents a type of tenacity and a capability to flourish in circumstances the place many crops can’t. Use your distinctive expertise to beat seemingly not possible obstacles as you pursue targets and goals. Even when development or progress appears sluggish, stay persistent. Nonetheless, keep in mind how vital it’s to relaxation, so you could have the spunky vitality to remain relentless.

If reversed Arduous, imposing, aggressive, and difficult. Forces exterior of you could have been infiltrating and inhibiting your development. Don’t linger, or it could devour you. Sever your connections and focus your time and vitality the place it could be extra productive.

Inscription and Magical Makes use of – Useful to make use of when needing energy, encouraging assist, or eliminating poisonous people out of your life. Place in your house for concord and creativity or in your sacred area for abundance.

Folklore – When rising on or close to a house, Ivy is believed to guard family members inside. Ivy is not utilized in modern-day medication however was beforehand believed to treatment whooping cough, ulcers, and remove hangovers. Usually represented with Dionysus and thought of sacred to Osiris.

nGeatal celtic ogham rune spiritual meaning for pagans


Pronunciation – Knee-eh-tl

Tree Affiliation – Broom

The correct that means for nGeatal is a brush. Nonetheless, it’s typically represented as a reed on account of Robert Graves’ interpretation in his e-book ‘White Goddess’. This interpretation was later expanded on by Liz and Colin Murray in The Celtic Tree Oracle however was not the unique that means.

Which means – Well being, vitality, energy, wounding, healers, and natural treatments. A brush is a bush with brilliant yellow flowers and slender branches and was typically used to create besoms. Besoms cleansed and eliminated undesirable or dangerous vitality from the house or sacred area. NGeatal can also be symbolic of prioritizing bodily and psychological wellness by dwelling a balanced and wholesome way of life.

If reversed Illness, continual sickness, ache, struggling, have to purge or cleanse. Can point out a scarcity of wellness in your life – bodily, mentally, or spiritually.

Inscription and Magical Makes use of – Helpful for all therapeutic – meditations, ointments, treatments, or items to these recovering from sickness. Good for incorporating into candles, oils, soaps, or lotions. Add to Moon Water you propose to devour to help with well being or bodily well-being.

Folklore – Used to make the shaft of broom handles by witches. Broom was used to cleanse an area of negativity and apply pure treatments or hallucinogenic ointments (therefore the time period “flying”). The cream was absorbed by her sexual organs and rapidly into her bloodstream.

straif celtic ogham rune spiritual meaning for pagans


Pronunciation – Str-ef

Tree Affiliation – Blackthorn

Which means – Adversity, omens, secrecy, and is typically often called the tree of the useless on account of its reference to spirits and the Underworld. This thorny tree-shrub is symbolic of the sword, arrow, and spear. Now’s a time to deal with the basis of an issue as a substitute of its results. Confront challenges head-on, and do your finest to not grow to be overwhelmed by the difficulties that lie earlier than you. Brace for the surprising; life could also be taking an unexpected flip. It may be a superb time to maintain data and knowledge to your self till the trail forward is extra obvious.

If reversed Transitions, adjustments, and loss of life. Straif reversed is an indication of warning. Issues could also be falling aside in your life proper now in order that they will come collectively extra positively later.

Inscription and Magical Makes use of – Use this ogham properly. It may well assist to develop the braveness and fortitude you must overcome the unpredictable challenges headed your method. Change is headed your method, useful to be used in holding your mindset upbeat and instilling hope.

Folklore – Blackthorn has developed a nasty repute over time because it thrives in winter when every thing else appears to be dying. It’s typically related to cailleach (Darkish mom or Crone) and the Morrighan. Blackthorn was typically used to create a shillelagh (Irish strolling stick) which was typically the weapon of selection for bataireacht (BAHT-air-ahct) (Irish stick-fighting martial arts).

ruis ogham spiritual meaning Divination For Beginners


Pronunciation – Wriss

Tree Affiliation – Elder

Which means – Disgrace, jealousy, obsession, regret, vengeance, and karma. Usually refers back to the coloration crimson, symbolizing anger, blushing from embarrassment, or ardour. Look inside your self and do some severe self-reflection or shadow work. Chances are you’ll have to redirect the trail you’ve been on to at least one that higher aligns together with your targets. Now’s a time for development, improvement, and maturity. Discover a option to acquire some self-control and launch your anger. Let go of vengeful ideas.

If reversed It is a signal that you just’ve not been doing self-reflection work. Chances are you’ll be justifying your actions as a substitute of reflecting on them or simply in full denial. Don’t dwell on the actions or lives of others. You have no idea their entire story. The grass at all times appears to be greener on the opposite aspect, however take the time to are likely to your backyard.

Inscription and Magical Makes use of – Helpful when searching for knowledge and data. Helpful in shadow work and for self-transformation.

Folklore – A well-liked superstition conveyed that witches have been capable of flip themselves into an elder. Elder was believed to maintain cows in milk and was typically planted close to barns. Elderflowers and berries have lengthy been used for medicinal and therapeutic functions.

The Fourth Aicme

Ailim ogham symbols meaning for spiritual divination

Ailim or Ailm

Pronunciation – Ahlm

Tree Affiliation – (Silver) Fir or Pine

Which means – Pleasure, pleasure, euphoria, creation (conception), being pregnant, and non secular awakenings. Chances are you’ll be on the sting of one thing new and exhilarating, however stay affected person! Fir bushes are identified for his or her peak and permit for a ravishing vantage level that may simply change your mindset. Ailim will allow you to rise above your quick environment and extra exact imaginative and prescient whenever you view issues from above.

If reversed Worry, panic, or anxiousness – these emotions could also be paralyzing you or inflicting intense unhappiness and struggling. Do your finest to investigate these feelings. Begin to course of why you’re experiencing them and how one can heal from them.

Inscription and Magical Makes use of – Useful when searching for non secular consciousness, instinct, understanding, non secular development, and reference to the universe. Helpful when utilizing the legislation of attraction and attracting a optimistic mindset. Large fir and pine bushes are among the oldest beings within the forest and work nicely when connecting together with your ancestors. Additionally great to make use of together with youngsters, ease labor pains, or throughout every stage of being pregnant.

Folklore – Pine was typically burned across the Winter Solstice to entice the solar again and encourage the longer, hotter days to return. Additionally it is burned throughout childbirth to guard the mom and baby.

onn celtic ogham symbol for divination


Pronunciation – uhn

Tree Affiliation – Gorse

Which means – Non secular paths, lust, arousal, non secular steerage, and motion. Onn additionally represents the well being and vitality of intimacy and sexuality. Don’t really feel bashful about what you want and permit your self to expertise pleasure absolutely. Onn can even symbolize ahead movement or motion just like a wagon wheel. It may be indicative that you must study and deepen your connection together with your non secular journey or change your life’s path. Motion can even point out an precise journey or transferring to a brand new residence.

If reversed Problems, peril, unhealthy behaviors, and hazard. Chances are you’ll be placing your self in jeopardy by taking too many probabilities. Do your finest to decelerate and discover the trail that’s best for you.

Inscription and Magical Makes use of – Useful for protected journeys or journey, bodily motion points (well being or bodily remedy), or to take away obstacles out of your path.

Folklore – Gorse was believed to be protecting obstructions when planted across the residence and would preserve the Sidhe (faerie folks) away. It was additionally utilized in a well-known saying – “When gorse is out of bloom, kissing is out of season.”

uhr celtic ogham staves for divination


Pronunciation – Oor

Tree Affiliation – Heather

Which means – Relationships, connection, fairies, good luck, loss of life, graveyards, magic, and reminiscences of family members who’ve handed. Heather represents sexual connections however differs from gorse as a result of it signifies a deep relationship between companions. Urh means transferring past want alone and into respect and partnership. Uhr is commonly related to the Fae, magical intentions, and non secular improvement. The illustration of loss of life represents the cycle of life and our deep connection to the earth.

If reversed Deception, deceit, disagreements, and points. Chances are you’ll be experiencing battle in your relationship. Decelerate and work collectively to unravel points or it could cut up you aside.

Inscription and Magical Makes use of – Uhr will be efficient for eradicating undesirable negativity in your life or cord-cutting. Create your personal magical besom bristles utilizing heather to cleanse an area. Great when working with the earth component and the pure land round you. It may be used for terminal family members to assist them transfer peacefully from this world to the subsequent.

Folklore – Heather’s candy flowers have been typically used to make ale, and Scottish warriors typically wore Heather into battle for good luck. Heather was used when creating besoms to create the bristles or for different magical instruments.

Eadhadh ogham staves symbol for divination

Eadhadh or Edad

Pronunciation – Eh-yuh, edath, or eh-dad (I discovered just a few pronunciations on this, and so they have been all from dependable sources, so I put all of them right here in your reference)

Tree Affiliation – Aspen

Which means – Courageous, defeating your fears, notion, and divination. Representing the visible quaking of an Aspen tree, Edad symbolizes concern and the way acknowledging your worries can empower you and assist you to beat them. Do not forget that Aspen is kind of strong however versatile. Bear in mind this when working to beat challenges. Edad can even symbolize enlightenment and connection to the universe by an altered state of consciousness (be that by meditation, trance, goals, intoxication, and many others.), however ensure you decelerate and differentiate between hallucination and factual reality.

Please Notice – I’m on no account endorsing or encouraging you to devour alcohol or medicine.

If reversed Habit, terror, or the sensation of defeat. Now could also be an excellent time to achieve some perspective in your present scenario. Chances are you’ll be letting your worries acquire management over your actions and mindset. Also can warn in opposition to the hazards of overusing addictive substances.

Inscription and Magical Makes use of – Useful when doing divination, shadow work, or when making an attempt to speak with the universe or spirit world. Use round Samhain to launch destructive feelings and put together for the brand new yr.

Folklore – Aspen was typically used to create shields, and magical intentions have been positioned in them to guard and stop hazard.

Iodhadh ogham staves for divination

Idad, Idho, or Iodhadh

Pronunciation – Ee-dad or ee-yoh

Tree Affiliation – Yew

Which means – Ancestry, historical past, growing old, dying, transitions, ideas, and reminiscence. Idad can symbolize the knowledge that comes from elders and the energy we now have from ancestors who got here earlier than us. Growing old is to not be feared however celebrated! Not everyone seems to be fortunate sufficient to have grey hairs, and it’s really one thing to be pleased about. Idad can also be a improbable illustration of the pure cycle and connects again to the primary Ogham (Beith), representing joyful beginnings.

If reversed Bodily loss of life, unhappiness, and mourning. Demise is inevitable for us all. Nonetheless, it’s important to mirror on the cycle of our life in addition to others. Within the pure cycle of life, endings include new beginnings.

Inscription and Magical Makes use of – Useful when making an attempt to attach with ancestors, meditation, or when considering life and the pure cycle.

Folklore – The Yew tree is deeply related to the Druids and their historical past. It was thought of sacred, and plenty of constructed their temples round them.


Since forfeda letters have been added at a later time, not everybody chooses to work with them. Nonetheless, others really feel working with forfeda strengthens their ogham work so let your instinct assist you decide should you’ll embody them in your follow. There will be many alternative variations on that means, so I’ll solely cowl them briefly.

Eabhadh forfeda ogham symbol

Ebad or Eabhadh

Tree Affiliation – Aspen or elecampane.

Which means – Non secular knowledge, the energy and intelligence to transcend petty on a regular basis issues, reaching the enlightenment section of non secular contentment, and the power to be in concord with these round you.

oir forfeda ogham symbol spiritual meaning

Oir or Òr

Tree Affiliation – Spindle tree, ivy, or heather

Which means – Abundance, creativity, and honoring household, family members and neighborhood.

Uillean ogham forfeda meaning

Uillean or Uillend

Tree Affiliation – Honeysuckle or beech tree

Which means – resilience, change, chasing goals, non-public ideas, and exposing secrets and techniques

Ifin forfeda ogham rune meaning

Ifin or Iphin

Tree Affiliation – Pine or gooseberry

Which means – Having fun with on a regular basis life, imaginative and prescient, divination, and releasing feelings of guilt or disgrace.

Amhancholl forfeda ogham symbol meaning

Amhancholl or Emancholl

Tree Affiliation – Witch hazel

Which means – illness or sickness or have to purify or cleanse destructive vitality.

I hope you discovered Celtic ogham rune image meanings useful!! Be at liberty to ask me any questions under! Numerous like to you and keep in mind as at all times…

The Peculiar Brunette


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Extra Really helpful Studying –

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