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How to use click detector on roblox

Code Samples

ClickDetector Instance

Place this code inside a Script inside a ClickDetector. The code pattern first creates a reference to the ClickDetector mum or dad and defines a perform to point out a message that greets a participant. Lastly, it connects the ClickDetector/MouseClick|MouseClick occasion of the ClickDetector to the outlined perform.

Half Anchored Toggle

This code pattern will enable an element to be clicked to toggle its anchored property. When toggled, the visible look of the half is up to date (crimson means anchored, yellow means free).

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Making a ClickDetector Door

The code pattern under demonstrates the performance of a ClickDetector and its properties and occasions.

First the code creates a ClickDetector and set’s its Occasion/Dad or mum|mum or dad to the door. It additionally units the ClickDetector/MaxActivationDistance|most distance gamers can work together with the ClickDetector to 10 studs and set’s the ClickDetector’s ClickDetector/CursorImage|CursorImage to:

Then, the code connects the ClickDetector to a number of occasions, together with altering the door’s BasePart/Transparency when the participant’s mouse hovers ClickDetector/MouseHoverEnter|on and ClickDetector/MouseHoverLeave|off off the door. The participant opens the door by ClickDetector/MouseClick|left clicking their mouse whereas over the ClickDetector and closes the door by ClickDetector/RightMouseClick|proper clicking their mouse whereas over the ClickDetector.

This code works in a Script and a LocalScript so long as the script’s mum or dad is the door BasePart|Half.

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