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How to tell if your pet rat likes you

So, you’ve purchased your first rats and also you’re hoping to make a very good impression on them however how are you going to inform in the event that they such as you? Nicely, the excellent news is that there are many indicators {that a} rat likes you and the even higher information is that there are confirmed methods to assist develop an affectionate relationship together with your pets.

Tips on how to know in case your pet rat likes you: 10 indicators and behaviors embrace vocalization, licking, grooming, scent marking, cuddling, accepting treats, not appearing like you’re a risk, their ears going pink, they change into excited by your presence they usually can brux and boggle.

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So, let’s check out every of these behaviors and find out how to acknowledge them after which we’ll check out how one can higher bond together with your rats so to see these behaviors extra usually. In spite of everything, who doesn’t need an important relationship with their pets?

10 Indicators That Your Pet Rat Likes You

There are 10 indicators and behaviors that point out that your pet rat likes you and you’ll nearly definitely see increasingly more of them as your bond together with your animal will increase.


One factor you ought to be conscious of is that rats aren’t loud animals. They do chatter on a regular basis however many of the noises they make – you’ll be able to’t hear as a result of they’re in too excessive a frequency vary for human ears. Nevertheless, that doesn’t imply that your rat will likely be solely silent, both.

You’ll discover that as you get to know your rat, it begins to speak to you – you’ll be able to choose up some chirps, squeaks, clucks, and so forth. which are clearly directed at you. Now, it needs to be comparatively straightforward to understand the emotion within the communication out of your rats – happiness and contentment are straightforward to differentiate from ache, anger or worry.


Rats have many alternative causes for licking their people and we wrote intimately in a earlier put up which you’ll be able to learn right here. Nevertheless, the primary causes are going to be that your rat both smells meals in your fingers and is thus attempting to get a style of it, they assume you scent dangerous and are attempting to get you again to “proper” which is an indication of affection or as a result of they care about you.

There’s no dangerous purpose for a rat to lick you and it’s one of many best methods for them to get used to your scent and to welcome you to their social group.


Rats groom themselves once they’re completely happy, now they gained’t begin grooming you – since you’re not a rat they usually gained’t perceive find out how to groom you (although licking you is sort of grooming in some methods) however once they’re grooming, it’s a very good indication that you just’re offering the correct of life in your rats.

Not each signal of affection is direct and typically, it’s good to know that you just’re appreciated even when your rat isn’t telling you immediately how they really feel. So, take the imaginative and prescient of good clear rats as an actual praise to your rat dealing with expertise and really feel liked for it.

Scent Marking

Now, this signal of affection might not all the time make you are feeling appreciated however when a rat leaves its scent on you, it’s marking you as a part of its’ world. That’s a real signal of affection for one more creature and it’s best to be ok with it.

Sadly, there are two ways in which a rat provides scent marks. The primary is once they rub their physique up towards you and, in fact, that’s good and nice. The second is once they pee on you and male rats, particularly, are very completely happy to go away their scent like this on their people. To search out out extra about why pet rats pee in all places you why not learn one other considered one of our articles right here.

You can too learn how to cease pet rats from peeing in all places right here on this informative article.


It appears fairly apparent however in case your rats are up for a cuddle, they’re clearly completely happy to be round you. It is best to by no means squeeze a rat as a result of they’re very delicate in comparison with you and you’ll break a bone or worse.

Nevertheless, you’ll be able to cuddle a rat gently and they’ll reply positively if they’re feeling the love in return. It’s one of many nicest issues about proudly owning a rat and it’s best to take pleasure in each cuddle that’s supplied by your rats.

Rats may be very affectionate pets, discover out extra on this article right here we lately wrote.

Accepts Treats Simply

Now, you’d assume that rats, that are primarily motivated by meals, can be completely happy to take meals from anybody, significantly treats, proper? Nicely, there’s one other issue to contemplate right here and that’s the rat’s familiarity with the giver of the deal with.

Rats are neophobic and it takes them time to construct up belief and luxury with their homeowners and they’re all the time completely happy to take a deal with from somebody that they love. So, when your rat is completely happy to come back to you for somewhat meals, then you definitely’re undoubtedly of their heats.

Be certain to not overfeed your rat with too many treats or you would find yourself with a little bit of a chonk. Please learn considered one of our different lately written articles on find out how to know in case your pet rat is obese.

Doesn’t Reply With Risk Habits

Have you ever ever seen somebody nook a rat? They don’t react effectively in any respect. In reality, rats can hiss, scowl, and even assault somebody once they really feel threatened by them. So, when rats cease responding to their people with risk conduct – you’ll be able to see that they’re beginning to like them.

Not each rat will begin a relationship with its human on a hostile footing, however some will, however your persistence, care and kindness will usually flip the connection round.

Your Rat’s Ears Flip Pink

Now, for those who assume your day job is odd – then you will discover it much more peculiar that there’s a man on the market whose job it’s to tickle rats. Sure, Luca Melotti is a researcher on the College of Bern in Switzerland, and he spends his days investigating happiness in rats.

He discovered that rats snigger and that for those who give a rat a very good tickle, they snigger and whereas they’re laughing their ears flip pink. He’s not solely positive why that is, thoughts you, however he’s fairly constructive it is a signal of happiness on the interplay. So, in case your rat’s ears flip pink – it’s most likely completely happy to be round you.

They Are Excited To See You

There’s most likely no clearer indication that your rats have missed you being round once they run excitedly to the bars of their cage to see you if you come again after being away for some time. It’s a bit like having a canine rush as much as the entrance door of the home if you come into the home.

So, once they get excited by your presence – you’ll be able to ensure that your rats have actual love for you.

They May “Brux” And “Boggle”

Joyful rats may be given to grinding their tooth “bruxing” within the presence of their people and this may result in “boggling” which is when your rat’s eyes appear to pop out and in of their sockets. (Critically).

Whereas it’s attainable for different sturdy emotional conditions to result in bruxing and boggling, it’s honest to say that it seems to be linked primarily to contentment. So, for those who see these two behaviors, you’re nearly definitely doing one thing proper.

4 Workouts To Assist You Prepare Your Rat To Belief You

OK, now for those who’re not seeing all these behaviors in your rats – don’t fear, we’ve obtained some workout routines, suggestions and video games that may enable you carry your rats on aspect. Let’s start with 4 workout routines which assist to construct belief between you and your rats:

Meals Giving

That is straightforward, let your rats settle after which provide them some treats in your open fingers, once they come to belief you, they’ll come ahead and settle for meals.

After a interval of success with this, you’ll be able to then choose up the rats gently earlier than returning them to the cage (give them one other deal with as you accomplish that). Lastly, you can begin taking your rats for a brief stroll within the palm of your hand.

This may occasionally take some time, however it actually works.


Bonding entails eradicating a single rat from the primary cage and inserting it in a secure area close to to the place you might be through the time they’re out of the cage.

The thought is solely to breed familiarity in order that the rat learns you aren’t a risk. This will take some time to do however it’s value it.

You start with bonding, then positively reinforce the message with little treats, then begin choosing them up after which take them for journeys across the room.

Impartial Area

It is a little bit of an extension of the primary train, this time you let all of the rats out right into a secure area which they’ll’t escape from and wherein you might be current (assume your bed room however ensure they’ll’t get out).

This doesn’t take as lengthy for rats to get used to you, however you want to attempt to cease your self from reaching out to the rats and allow them to determine to come back to you.

Scented Introductions

This is an extended model of the deal with trick which entails presenting your fingers to your rats in order that they’ll get used to your scent.

Once they’re completely happy, you can begin to select them up and provides them treats after which it’s time to be taught to pet your rats in order that they wish to keep in your fingers.

3 Extra Suggestions To Assist Socialize Your Rat

If that wasn’t sufficient to get your rats to like you – then we’ve obtained three extra suggestions than may also help a reluctant rat socialize with their human.

Begin Them Younger

The youthful your rats are if you carry them residence, the simpler it is going to be to socialize them. Rats over the age of 6 months or so, merely discover it very troublesome to simply accept individuals as a result of they’ve already discovered their social conduct and also you weren’t a part of that studying. It’s not that they’ll’t be socialized however it takes for much longer.

If you wish to understand how previous your pet rat is then it’s best to learn one other considered one of our articles find out how to inform how previous your pet rat is with examples.

So, purchase rats which are youthful, and you’ll pace up the method of constructing associates with them fairly significantly.

Hold Your Voice Low

Rats can be taught to reply to the sound of your voice, they usually have tremendous delicate ears. Should you gently repeat their names again and again, you’ll be able to assist them to be taught to reply to the sound of your voice. It’s good to offer them somewhat deal with once they do reply to encourage this course of sooner or later.

Nevertheless, for those who’re too loud – you’re going to harm their ears and they’ll draw back from you, as a substitute. So, hold your voice low.

Study To Maintain Them Proper

If you need your rat to reply effectively to you, you need to be taught to deal with it in the precise approach. Meaning choosing up your rat gently and protecting your fingers below its stomach and with out squeezing it any approach (your hand needs to be open).

Don’t attempt to lay them on their again (exposing a stomach means a rat is giving up dominance and it may be very anxious for them).

Finally, your rats ought to leap onto your open fingers as a result of they benefit from the expertise of being round you.

8 Video games To Assist Construct Bonds With Your Rat

Lastly, we’ve obtained some superior video games which you can play together with your rats. As social creatures rats actually like to play and the extra you assist them play, the extra they’ll love you. I lately wrote one other article all about find out how to play and have enjoyable together with your pet rats, click on right here to have a learn.

The Meals Enjoyable Sport

One sport we like to play with rats is “bobbing for veg”. Take little bits of corn, peas and diced carrot and place them in a bowl of chilly water and allow them to go bobbing for them. Now, it’s necessary to verify the bowl’s heavy sufficient that they gained’t knock it over and that you just hold them firm whereas they play, simply in case they do something foolish within the water.

The Hanging Ball of Snacks

This one is straightforward. Fill somewhat cage like ball with some snacks and dangle it from the roof of the cage. Let your rats work for his or her dinner whilst you watch and luxuriate in their antics!

Get Some Fowl Toys

Oddly, hen toys appear to be fairly extra imaginative than rat toys. So, why not take a look at the hen part at your native pet store (or on Amazon) and see if you could find something your rats may take pleasure in.

Shoe Field Cover And Search

Rats like to forage as a result of that’s their pure wild conduct and it comes instinctively. So, fill somewhat shoe field with hay (constituted of grass – you don’t need them to eat the hay) after which hid some snacks contained in the field and allow them to leap in and discover the treats for themselves.

Bed room Cover And Search

OK, you want to make sure that the area you play this in is totally sealed and also you rat can not get misplaced however after getting a relationship together with your rat. You possibly can conceal from them and they’ll come searching for you. It’s plenty of enjoyable.

Dust Enjoyable

Rats simply like to play in filth. So, take somewhat shoe field and fill it with some sterile soil after which allow them to play in it. They’ll be delighted to roam and dig.

Design Mazes With Rewards

You most likely know this, however rats are actually very intelligent and one of many best methods to interact them is to construct a maze with a couple of treats on the finish after which allow them to resolve the maze. You should utilize cardboard to construct a maze (you’ll be able to even make tunnels from bathroom tissue rolls). Simply be sure that something they’ll climb gained’t endanger them as rats actually do like to climb.

The Paper Treasures Sport

Rats love little bits of paper. So, tear some paper into small strips and provide the rat some paper. It is going to snatch it from you, go conceal it and are available again. This actually helps the rat perceive that good issues come from interacting with you.


We hope that our “Tips on how to know in case your pet rat likes you: 10 indicators and behaviors” information has been of use and that now you’ll be able to inform when your rat actually likes you and that you know the way to construct higher relationships together with your rats.

Rats may be amazingly affectionate and it’s among the finest issues about protecting rats as pets however you do should method constructing a relationship with them in the precise approach, to get essentially the most out of it.

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