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How to Store a Car Battery for Winter and Long-Term

If that you must learn to retailer a automobile battery then you definately’re in the precise place.

Possibly you’re taking a month-long journey to Iceland or simply snow-birding over to Florida to flee the chilly. Both means, you gained’t be utilizing your car for some time and also you need to ensure your automobile or truck begins up once more while you return.

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Storing your car battery isn’t too troublesome, however there’s a couple of issues to remember. Right here’s some easy tricks to maintain your battery in fine condition in long run storage:

You’ll want to preserve your batteries

Opposite to common perception, automobile batteries aren’t bulletproof. Even the perfect and costliest AGM and gel cell batteries will succumb to extended storage, significantly throughout the winter. And when a automobile battery is idle, it tends to discharge naturally. In case you have a sports activities automobile, convertible, or classic automobile that you simply’re planning to maintain underneath wraps, it’s greatest to concentrate to the automobile battery.

For starters, automobile batteries are costly.

A typical moist cell/flooded battery begins at $45 to $50 and all the way in which to $120. Premium automobile batteries begin at $90 to $200. And in case you have two or three vehicles in storage, the prices add as much as enormous cash in the long run. You see, automobile batteries could also be labeled as ‘maintenance-free’, nevertheless it solely holds true if the car (and battery) is pushed periodically.

All batteries lose energy if saved lengthy sufficient. Yup, even these Optima Redtop’s. Surviving many months of zero chemical reactions is hard for a automobile battery. This holds true whatever the climate. Through the chilly winter months, frozen electrolytes in a discharged battery can crack the plates and the casing itself. However for those who retailer your automobile battery correctly, you gained’t want to consider discharging issues and/or battery injury.

Tips on how to correctly retailer automobile batteries for long run storage

In fact, the steps in storing a automobile battery for Lengthy-Time period are just like the Winter-storage steps. However on this part, we’ll attempt to be extra particular.

Lengthy Time period Automotive Battery Storage Steps

Ideally, the automobile battery needs to be disconnected and faraway from underneath the hood. It needs to be saved in a cool and dry place. The optimum temperature for storing a automobile battery is a tick above or under 59-degrees F (15-degrees C). Typically, discovering a room with a super storage temperature will spell the distinction between success and failure.

It’s greatest to keep away from a room that’s both too scorching or too chilly.

closet storage
Closets are an ideal place to retailer your battery… for those who can persuade your spouse! 😀

If the temperature will get excessive sufficient, sulfation and corrosion may also work double-time, inevitably destroying the battery. Sulfation, particularly, happens when a automobile battery is consistently disadvantaged of a full cost. It includes the formation of crystalline deposits on the adverse plates of the battery. This actively reduces a battery’s capability to retailer and launch vitality.

However for extended storage of three months or extra, you’ll ideally need to use a battery tender. Keep in mind, there’s a distinction between a full-blown battery charger and battery tender (additionally known as a upkeep charger). With out it, you run the danger of completely discharging the battery.

car battery reserve capacity
Attempt to retailer your battery with a full cost for greatest outcomes!

1. Examine the degrees

In case you have a typical moist lead-acid battery, examine the electrolyte ranges and refill as wanted earlier than storage. You’ll be able to examine the Voltage output and cost ranges with a multimeter software. Strive to ensure the battery is as full as potential earlier than transferring it to storage.

Make to learn the battery charger gauge till it reveals a cost stage of 80+%, or else you could have a nasty battery or dangerous alternator.

2. Place in cool dry space (off the concrete flooring)

wood pallet
When you can’t use the closet, steal your spouse’s wooden pallets and use them to retailer your automobile battery within the storage, off the concrete flooring

Place the battery in a cool and dry storage space, ideally in your storage and away from the residing areas in your house. When you’re storing it within the storage, put a picket pallet or a pair 2×4’s underneath the battery. Concrete will get chilly within the winter, and chilly drains batteries quick! The picket bedding will maintain your automobile battery a couple of levels hotter than if it had been in direct contact with the concrete.

3. Apply dielectric grease

corrosion on car battery
Corrosion on automobile battery terminals suck. Use some dialectric grease to assist stop this.

Apply some dielectric grease on each the optimistic and adverse posts. This helps stop diode put up corrosion throughout scorching climate.

4. Connect battery tender

Battery Tender Junior 12V Charger and Maintainer:...

Join the pink optimistic clip and the black adverse clip of the battery tender to every corresponding terminal. Plug the charger, flip it on, and comply with the instructions.

Storing a Automotive Battery for Winter

winter time snow on car
It’s arduous to be a automobile in winter. Right here’s retailer a battery on this chilly season.

If batteries succumb to intense warmth, the identical holds true throughout the winter months. Do you know a automobile battery loses 60-percent of its working power at 0-degrees F? With that in thoughts, it’s higher to maintain the battery in a hotter a part of the home. Whereas that is tough throughout harsh winter months, you don’t need to take care of a frozen battery, so higher maintain it good and heat.

  • Examine and clear the battery terminals and apply dielectric grease if essential.
  • Place the battery on a piece bench or wooden platform (attempt to keep away from direct concrete-contact)
  • Join the pink optimistic and black adverse clips of the battery tender to the corresponding terminals and switch the machine ON

Is it secure to retailer a automobile battery on a concrete flooring?

When you’re speaking a couple of fashionable automobile battery, sure. It’s secure to retailer a battery in a room with concrete flooring. As beforehand talked about, the room temperature is vital above all else. Whereas it’s true older batteries with archaic picket casings ought to NEVER be positioned straight over damp surfaces (significantly on concrete), this previous fable doesn’t maintain true for contemporary automobile batteries.

Concrete conducts chilly air greater than heat air, so the floor temperature of the concrete flooring will likely be a couple of levels decrease than a bench or wooden floor. This colder floor means your automobile battery will drain quicker on the concrete flooring. Apart from that, it’s innocent to depart fashionable batteries on concrete.

You see, right this moment’s automobile batteries are outfitted with robust polypropylene casings. Additionally, the seals in a battery’s put up and vent techniques are extra immune to migration and/or seepage.

A Multimeter is a must have when working with electronics that draw AC or DC energy

How can I make sure the battery tender is working?

For this, you’ll want a multimeter. Unplug the charger/tender and set the multimeter to voltage. If the battery is at 14.4 volts, it means the charger is working. Most battery tenders are designed to cost a 12-volt battery as much as 14.4 volts. After this, the charger turns off or applies a low, trickle present. As soon as the battery voltage sinks to 12.6 volts, the tender ought to resume charging.

Nonetheless, not all tenders/chargers are the identical. Your greatest recourse is to learn and comply with the directions of the machine.

Will my automobile battery lose cost in storage?

Assuming you don’t have a charger or tender, sure.

Nevertheless it’s not about how lengthy the battery is saved, however the place it’s saved. Keep in mind, maintain it cool and dry. Additionally, examine the voltage with a multimeter not less than as soon as each two months. If the voltage drops under 12.6 volts, the battery must be replenished by way of a charger or tender.

And for those who ignore the warning indicators, the battery will ultimately discharge to the core and die completely.

Tips on how to take the battery out of storage

It’s so simple as unplugging the battery tender and inserting the battery in its rightful place: Below your automobile’s hood. Set up and tighten the terminals, begin the engine, and permit the engine to heat up.


It doesn’t matter in case you have an affordable lead acid or premium gel cell automobile battery. When storing a automobile battery, at all times maintain it cool and dry. Periodically checking the voltage and utilizing a battery tender is reasonable insurance coverage in opposition to a useless battery.

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