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How to Get Rid of Fire Ants

You may put out a fireplace by dousing it with water. To eliminate hearth ants, you want boiling water. And generally even that’s not sufficient to drive these biting ants out of your yard and residential. Different strategies embrace pesticides.

Fireplace ants have a chunk that may kill small animals and trigger extreme, painful reactions in folks. In addition they can price you hundreds of {dollars} in the event that they get into your electrical system. Fireplace ants’ attraction to electrical wiring wreaks havoc in air-con techniques and garden mowers.

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We’ve rounded up a number of management strategies to organize you for battle and assist eliminate hearth ants in your yard – earlier than they make their manner into your house.

What are Fireplace Ants?

Fireplace ant closeup / Pixabay /. Pexels

The purple imported hearth ant (RIFA) is an invasive species from South America which stowed away on a cargo ship and entered the U.S. within the Thirties.

These invasive pests have made their manner throughout the Southern U.S., together with Alabama, Arkansas, California, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, New Mexico, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Puerto Rico, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, and Virginia.

Fireplace ants are so aggressive and such a nuisance that the USDA has designated quarantined areas to assist management their unfold.

Figuring out hearth ants

Just like the purple ant, hearth ants vary from reddish-brown to reddish-black. However hearth ants are far more aggressive. Disturb a fireplace ant mound, and also you’ll see lots of of them swarm out, able to chunk and defend their queen. The mounds are most noticeable after a heavy rain.

Finding hearth ants

A sure-fire manner (and painful manner) to seek out hearth ants is to stroll close to an infestation in your naked ft. A greater thought is to put on heavy boots (the ants can get inside tennis sneakers), and kick the ant mound. They’ll come scurrying out very quickly. They construct these mounds in lawns, pastures, parks, gardens and compost piles.

Colonies will typically migrate from one anthill to a different. As few as six imported hearth ant staff can begin a brand new colony a number of hundred ft away from the unique web site in a single day. Floods may cause a whole colony to maneuver to a brand new location. Since these pests wish to hitchhike, it’s not unusual for them to make their manner inside your house.

The best way to Get Rid of Fireplace Ants Naturally

Pouring boiling water over a fireplace ant mound could be an efficient therapy. This pure therapy works greatest when ant exercise is close to the mound’’s floor, often within the early morning. However scorching water is just efficient on 60% of the mounds handled.

Consider: Many house cures received’t act as an sufficient hearth ant killer, however will as an alternative encourage them to relocate and create new mounds. Many house cures, resembling gasoline, petroleum, or bleaches, are harmful and can pollute the soil and close by water.

The best way to Get Rid of Fireplace Ants Outside

Two-Step Methodology

To deal with hearth ant-infested lawns, schoolyards, parks, and athletic fields, apply a two-step methodology. This works greatest in areas with 5 or extra mounds in every quarter-acre of the yard.

The first step contains performing a broadcast therapy of insecticide. The following step includes treating particular person mounds with a mound drench, granule, bait, or mud insecticide.

Step One:

Between August and mid-October, scatter a bait-formulated insecticide as directed on the product label.

Most hearth ant baits mix pesticide elements with soybean oil. The soybean oil attracts employee hearth ants, who take the bait again to the colony and cross it alongside to the queen. The queen will both die or develop into infertile. Baits are slow-acting and require weeks or months to attain most hearth ant management.

This broadcast therapy is about 90% efficient at eliminating hearth ants. The Texas A&M AgriLife Extension recommends Amdro, Siege, Logic, Award, Ascend, or Raid Fireplace Ant Killer.

For greatest outcomes, use contemporary bait from an unopened container and apply when the bottom is dry, and no rain is within the forecast for the subsequent 24 to 48 hours.

Repeat the fireplace ant bait software when ants re-invade the realm or mound numbers attain about 20 to 30 per acre.

Step Two:

A number of days after making use of the bait, spot-treat any colony mounds with insecticide mud, granular insecticide, or liquid mound drenches.

Fireplace ants within the backyard

Fireplace ants within the backyard are yet one more pest you must fear about stinging your hand when pulling weeds.

Shovel ant mounds out of the backyard or pour boiling water over them. Be certain no scorching water is available in contact along with your crops.

Few merchandise are registered for treating ants in vegetable gardens. Merchandise authorised for backyard use comprise carbaryl, pyrethrins, pyrethrins plus diatomaceous earth, or rotenone. Do NOT use pesticides not registered for the backyard, as they could are available in contact with greens you’ll quickly have to your afternoon salad.

When you can’t apply bait merchandise contained in the backyard, you should utilize them exterior the perimeter of the backyard. Foraging ants from inside and outdoors the backyard will acquire the bait and take it to their colony. They’ll cross the bait alongside as meals to the queen.

Fireplace ants by the water

Fireplace ants want water to outlive, so chances are you’ll typically discover them close to streams, rivers, ponds, or different our bodies of water.

When treating these mounds, it’s essential to keep away from contaminating the water with pesticides. By no means apply the insecticide immediately into the water, and keep away from utilizing the therapy on streamlines as runoff might trigger the pesticide to enter the water.

As an alternative of making use of the therapy close to the water, apply baits in areas the place ants forage (away from the water) and apply them when ants are most lively.

If making use of particular person mound remedies, the College of Georgia Extension recommends utilizing merchandise with low toxicity to fish, resembling acephate (Orthene). Pyrethrins and rotenone merchandise are extremely poisonous to fish and shouldn’t be used close to water.

Fireplace ants within the neighborhood

In case your neighborhood can also be house to fireplace ant mounds, chances are you’ll need to think about coordinating a therapy plan along with your group. Attain out to your owners affiliation or county authorities to place in place a collective therapy plan.

Fireplace ants close to electrical tools

Fireplace ants typically infest electrical tools, chewing on insulation and inflicting quick circuits or different mechanical issues. By no means deal with your electrical tools for hearth ants, as chances are you’ll undergo from electrical shock or trigger additional harm.

Solely a skilled electrician or pest management skilled ought to deal with hearth ants close to electrical tools.

The best way to Get Rid of Fireplace Ants Indoors

Throughout the scorching, dry, summer time months, hearth ant colonies might shut in on houses and buildings to forage meals and water. With the suitable management and prevention strategies, you’ll be able to assist deter these hearth ants from getting into your house, feasting in your meals, and, most significantly, your physique.

Total hearth ant colonies can nest in wall voids or behind giant home equipment. When indoors, they pose a possible menace to your pets and sleeping or bed-ridden relations.


When utilizing an insecticide, be certain it’s labeled to be used indoors and is registered to regulate hearth ants.

Observe the path

Generally foraging ants might lead you to the indoor colony. Observe foraging ants and deal with their ant nest with contact insecticide sprays or dusts containing bendiocarb, chlorpyrifos, and pyrethroids.

When to Name a Pest Management Skilled

It’s by no means too quickly to name a pest management skilled to eliminate hearth ants, particularly in the event that they’ve made it inside your house. Knowledgeable exterminator can assist execute management strategies or put into observe preventative measures.

Word that some pesticides are for business use solely, and the professionals have the coaching to make use of them safely.

The best way to maintain hearth ants away from your house

Protecting barrier

Some pesticides can be utilized round your house’s out of doors perimeter to create a protecting barrier that retains hearth ants exterior.


Stop hearth ants from sneaking in by way of cracks and crevices by caulking any small openings.

Apply pesticides recurrently

Ant populations can return with full drive inside one yr of the final bait therapy, so be certain to use bait-formulated pesticides a few times per yr to your entire yard.

Ceaselessly Requested Questions on Fireplace Ants

1. Will Daybreak kill hearth ants?

Cleaning soap options take away the protecting coating from the fireplace ants and suffocate them. However this methodology isn’t as efficient on hearth ants as with pests like aphids.

The easiest way to regulate a fireplace ant colony is to kill the queen. A soapy resolution is not going to kill the entire colony, however could drive the colony to maneuver to a different a part of your yard.

2. Will citrus oil kill hearth ants?

Some options containing citrus oil could also be helpful as mound drench remedies. Citrus oil incorporates a pure extract of citrus peels (d-limonene) that’s poisonous to fireplace ants.

3. Does salt kill hearth ants?

Salt house cures are supposed to dehydrate the ant colony. However like dish cleaning soap, salt is not going to kill the entire colony and doesn’t immediately goal the queen. Salt may trigger important harm to the encircling vegetation.

4. Does bleach kill hearth ants?

Residence cures are sometimes perceived as being protected, however gasoline or diesel oil, chlorine bleach, ammonia, drain cleaners, and acids are harmful to pets, kids, crops and livestock.

Runoff from these merchandise can also contaminate water. It’s unlawful to make use of any of those substances, together with bleach, to regulate pests.

5. The best way to eliminate hearth ants in mulch?

Fireplace ants invade mulched flower beds for heat and moisture. Generally a colony infesting your mulched areas could be difficult to find. Deal with the realm with a fast-acting bait product containing hydramethylnon, abamectin, or spinosad.

6. What to do if you’re bitten by hearth ants

Fireplace ant bites will typically heal on their very own. However If itching or swelling happens, attempt the next cures:

  • Apply a chilly compress on the affected space (quarter-hour on, quarter-hour off).
  • Increase the a part of the physique the place you the fireplace ant bit you to cut back swelling.
  • Use hydrocortisone cream or an antihistamine to alleviate ache and itching.

See a physician straight away if a fireplace ant’s chunk triggers signs of a extreme allergic response, resembling chest ache, nausea, extreme sweating, lack of breath, severe swelling, slurred speech, hives, diarrhea, swelling in tongue or throat, or dizziness.

Fundamental Picture Credit score: Closeup of a employee hearth ant / skeeze / Pixabay

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