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How to draw a head shape

The Fundamental Types

To attract the pinnacle from any angle you should first perceive its primary construction. Look previous all of the distracting particulars and visualize the underlying varieties. This capacity to simplify might be utilized to the options of the face, however when beginning the drawing you can look even additional. Ignore even the options and simplify to essentially the most primary type of the pinnacle. I exploit a way taught by Andrew Loomis in his guide, “Drawing the Head & Palms”.

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The top deconstructed into its primary varieties, is a sphere because the skull and a block because the jaw and cheek bones.

basic forms

A Sphere because the Skull

The edges of the pinnacle are flat, so we will slice off a bit from each side of the ball. From profile, this aircraft might be an ideal circle, however when drawing it from every other angle, it’ll look like an oval due to perspective. Divide this oval into quadrants. The vertical line represents the start of the jaw. The horizontal line represents the forehead line. The highest and backside of the oval provide help to discover the hair line and the underside of the nostril.

volume of the cranium

A Block because the Jaw and Cheek Bones

Connect the form of the jaw. The highest will begin on the forehead line and the again will begin on the heart of the oval. This can be a 3-D quantity with a entrance aircraft, aspect planes, and backside aircraft (backside aircraft is seen from some angles).

volume of the jaw

Setting up From Any Angle

Step 1 – Decide the angle of the ball

The angle of the pinnacle is established on the very starting of the drawing with the ball. All three axes should be addressed:

X Axis – The up and down tilt is established by the angles of the horizontal and vertical traces within the oval. Additionally, on excessive up tilts and down tilts, the thirds might be foreshortened due to perspective.

rotate x

Y Axis – The path the pinnacle is popping (left or proper) is established by the width of the oval. As the pinnacle turns in the direction of you, you’ll be able to see extra of the entrance of the face and fewer of the aspect, so the oval representing the aspect will get narrower. Equally, when the pinnacle turns away from you, extra of the aspect aircraft is revealed and the oval will seem wider.

rotate y

Z Axis – The twist is established by the angle of the middle line, the angle of the oval and the position of the oval on the ball.

rotate z

Step 2 – Discover the thirds

After establishing the angle of the ball, divide the face into thirds. The space between the hairline and brow-line needs to be the identical as the gap between the brow-line and backside of the nostril. Add that very same distance to seek out the chin. Discover how the hairline and nose-line align with the highest and backside backside of the oval when wrapped across the face. Think about the pinnacle as a field. The thirds should be wrapped across the aspect aircraft and entrance aircraft.

find the thirds

Step 3 – Add the jaw

A standard mistake at this level is to make the jaw too lengthy compared to the ball. Be sure that to measure your thirds appropriately and that they relate appropriately to the ball. Discover how the form of the jaw adjustments from numerous angles.

add the jaw

Step 4 – Add the options

With this primary construction correctly established, it turns into a lot simpler so as to add the options in the best place. Examine again for extra details about particular options in a later submit.

add features

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* * *

Observe inventing the pinnacle from all doable angles. Get a sketchbook and fill a whole web page with little heads. When drawing with out reference images, you shortly notice the place your weaknesses are as a result of you’ll be able to’t depend on copying. You may solely work with what you understand.

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Made a video model of this tutorial. Subscribe to my YouTube channel ProkoTV for extra movies.

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