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How to clean bongs without alcohol

  • Cleansing your bong is as straightforward as shaking it up with alcohol and coarse salt and letting it soak.
  • Deep clear your bong roughly as soon as per week, relying on how typically you utilize it.
  • Change the water after each smoke session; standing water can develop mould simply.
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Once you smoke hashish out of a glass water pipe, known as a bong, then the resin from the hashish will slowly construct up over time. This results in a sticky residue on the edges of the glass stem. Finally, the stickiness will render the bong unusable if it will get too built-up. It additionally discolors the water and dilutes the tastes of the hashish you are smoking.

“It is about security,” says Harrison Baum, CEO and founding father of Day by day Excessive Membership, an revolutionary digital glass store inside the hashish house. The protection risk is that mould can develop within the water, in accordance with Baum. “A unclean bong is a well being risk, and likewise can depart a nasty impression in case you’re smoking socially,” he says. “Do not be that one who pulls out the soiled bong.”

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As our tradition turns into extra accepting of hashish, it’s sensible to stay diligent on marijuana etiquette. Fortunately, the components it is advisable to clear your bong are generally discovered round the home. There are additionally merchandise in the marketplace meant particularly for bong cleansing.

How typically do you have to clear a bong?

Sticky resin builds up on the inside partitions, turning your water brown rapidly.

Most specialists say it’s best to clear your bong after a couple of days to per week of use. You have to change your bong water typically, ideally after each smoke session, with a view to keep away from mould. Any water that sits in a water pipe is prone to molding.

“You are actually inhaling by means of your bong and mould can develop in as rapidly as 24 hours,” says Baum. “Should you had mould in your home you’d in all probability freak out, so why would it not be acceptable to inhale it?”

The colour of your bong water is your finest indicator of when to provide it a deep clear. Even when it is clear, water in a grimy bong will seem brownish-green as a result of stuck-on resin on the glass. If it is darkish, turning into virtually black, then it is well beyond time so that you can clear out your bong.

Contemporary water and a clear glass mechanism assist to enhance the standard of the expertise. You can style the flavour profile of your hashish extra successfully. Cleansing your bong may even enhance the life and worth of the bong over time.

What you want

  • Isopropyl alcohol: 91% to 99% isopropyl alcohol works finest
  • Salt akin to Morton’s desk salt, Epsom salt, rock salt, or Himalayan salt. Salt is coarse sufficient to wash away stuck-on resin however smooth sufficient that it will not scratch the glass.
  • A big resealable plastic bag
  • Pipe cleaner
  • Dish cleaning soap
  • Disposable gloves (optionally available)

The way to clear a glass bong

Fill your bong with isopropyl alcohol and salt, shake it up, then let it soak.

This straightforward and efficient methodology works each time. You may put disposable gloves on earlier than you start these steps if you wish to keep away from any sticky residue in your fingers.

  1. Take away the bowl and stem. The bowl and stem is the half the place you place your hashish. You may pop this piece out, and it makes cleansing the bong a lot simpler. You ideally do not wish to get the bowl moist once you pour the bong water out.
  2. Pour out the previous water. Bong water is sticky and resinous, so it is not excellent to pour it down the drain in case you can keep away from it. You may pour it into the trash in case you have a correctly sealed trash bag or you possibly can pour it right into a sealed container to throw away.
  3. Place the bong in a zip-top bag. A big gallon-size bag must be massive sufficient and can assist comprise the mess. If you do not have a zip-top bag helpful, you are able to do these subsequent steps inside a trash bag or over your sink. Simply watch out as a result of the bong resin could stick with the edges of your sink.
  4. Add isopropyl alcohol to the within of the bong. Pour your isopropyl alcohol into the highest of the bong. Use about 16 ounces, relying on the scale of your bong, or simply sufficient alcohol that the bong is stuffed about midway. Should you’re utilizing a devoted bong cleansing isopropyl combination, pour that into the bong as a substitute.
  5. Add salt to the bong. This salt helps to softly scrub the within of the bong to take away the resin. The alcohol alone cleans it considerably effectively, however the salt removes the build-up from the edges of the bong. Use a wholesome quantity to make sure the salt can scrub off the resin.
  6. Shut the bag and shake. This half can get messy, so seal the bag with a view to shake the alcohol and salt combination round on the within of the bong.
  7. Let it soak for half-hour. Enable the alcohol combination to sit down with the bong for about half-hour. This step is not all the time needed, relying on how soiled you let your bong get, however letting it soak does enhance the efficacy of the alcohol in cleansing your glass.
  8. Take away the bong and eliminate the bag. This is why the bag is vital: you possibly can merely seal the bag filled with soiled bong water and throw it away. This avoids the resin mess within the sink.
  9. Rinse bong with heat water and cleaning soap. It is best to get all the alcohol and salt out of the bong earlier than utilizing it — particularly as a result of alcohol is flammable. Dish cleaning soap and heat water work effectively to interrupt down any residual oil on the glass.
  10. Soak the bowl and stem in alcohol to wash them. Use a pipe cleaner to wash any stuck-on resin out of the stem. Rinse it effectively with sizzling water, and let it dry fully earlier than loading it with hashish to make use of it.

Fast tip: Should you do not wish to use isopropyl alcohol, you may also use white vinegar and baking soda. Add white vinegar and baking soda to the bong inside a resealable plastic bag. Let it sit for a couple of hours. This course of could take a bit longer to wash the bong, however it nonetheless works effectively.

The way to clear latex or acrylic bongs

In contrast to glass, it is advisable to take particular care in cleansing latex, plastic, or acrylic bongs. Use solely sizzling water and a pipe cleaner or a big straw brush. It’s because alcohol can break down and strip sure acrylic and latex supplies.

Fill the bong with sizzling water and rinse it out over the sink. You’ll rinse and repeat till the water runs clear. Latex or acrylic-safe bong cleansing options are additionally accessible.

Insider’s takeaway

Cleansing your bong is crucial in your well being and delight. Whereas you should purchase mixtures within the retailer that promise to wash your bong rapidly and effectively, you may also use a mixture of isopropyl alcohol and salt, and it’ll clear your bong effectively. It is fairly a sticky job, so put on disposable gloves and keep away from dumping soiled bong water down your drain.

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