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How many times to feed african grey parrot

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Eating regimen classes | What to feed African greys’ | Greens | Fruit | Flowers | Outdoors produce | Nuts | Pellets | Seeds | Animal protein | Sprouting and soaking seed | How a lot meals? | How usually to feed | Regurgitating meals | Meals recipes

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Eating regimen classes

For parrot species, 4 specialised food regimen classes have developed, granivory (consuming grains and seeds, nectarivory (consuming nectar) frugivory (consuming fruit) and palinivory (consuming pollen).

For some parrots, we think about a fifth and generalist class, omnivory, which is one that mixes a number of of the 4 specialised plant-food classes with animal protein. Nonetheless controversy exists across the provision of animal protein.

Sprouting seeds appropriate for African greys’

What to feed African greys’

The meals alternative for all captive birds is now monumental.

Pellets, seeds, grains, sprouts, fruits, greens, nuts, flowers, weeds and dietary supplements.

Your first alternative is whether or not seeds or pellets make up the majority of the food regimen. Or whether or not you undertake a brand new pattern which is to make use of mash and recent meals nearly solely.

Seeds not pellets are what birds within the wild would eat. However in captivity seeds are missing in micro-nutrients and shouldn’t be used solely to your parrot’s food regimen, as this can result in poor well being.

Neither seeds nor pellets comprise sufficient Vitamin A. For this you want inexperienced greens and orange fruits.

Whether or not you provide pellets, seeds or chop because the principal a part of the food regimen, your hen wants recent produce.

A wholesome hen that has been consuming accurately could have vivid eyes, shiny plumage and an upright stance.

Study extra about seeds and pellets right here.

What greens can African greys’ eat?

Most greens and salad are appropriate for greys’. Some suppliers will keep away from mushrooms, garlic and onions; others use them to no in poor health impact. Their use is controversial.

You may feed celery, spinach, asparagus, tomatoes, cauliflower, corn, spinach, Brussel sprouts, aubergine, kale, pumpkin, potatoes, collard greens, peas, carrots, cabbage, mustard greens, chillies, yams, and plantains.

Potato and tomato leaves should not appropriate. Acorns are one other arguing level nevertheless my aviary birds take pleasure in them.

What fruit can African greys’ eat?

You may serve any fruits obtainable. Bananas, blueberries, strawberries, pineapple, watermelon, blackberries, cherries, grapes, kiwi, mango, orange, plums, pomegranate, pawpaw, ardour fruit, raspberries, peach, banana peel, pears, raisins, dates, apples, papaya, melon, apricots and so on. I’ve noticed that my greys’ choose tropical fruits to our fruit.

I might wash fruit from an unknown supply.

I ought to notice that present views think about commercially grown fruit comprises an excessive amount of sucrose. Nonetheless, fruit are relished by Gray parrots. Their pure wild meals is palm oil fruit. That might be too wealthy for captive birds besides as a uncommon deal with.

What flowers can African greys’ eat?

Greys’ love flowers and most are appropriate. These of us who make salads for our greys’ will use nasturtium, roses and pansies as edible decorations. Hottest with my flock are roses, marigolds and sunflowers which do have meals worth.

Some flowers are toxic: Shamrock, holly, poinsettia, datura, laburnum, ivy, mistletoe, daffodils and lilies. A well-fed energetic Gray gained’t typically contact toxic crops. Though I might keep away from having them within the residence.

Produce collected outside

Some carers domesticate weeds for his or her flocks. Dandelions for instance. Each a part of the dandelion from flower to root is a helpful meals supply.

Chickweed are relished by breeding hens. You can even feed dock leaves, hawthorn berries, cotoneaster berries, milk thistle and comparable crops, fir cones and branches.

A superb addition to a Gray’s food regimen may also be gadgets like wheat grass, lucerne, alfalfa or parsley that you may develop in pots exterior the again door or on the balcony.

It’s smart to scrub produce gathered outside in a gentle disinfectant in case of contamination.

What nuts can African greys’ eat?

African greys’ love nuts. Any and each selection, shelled or opened. They’ll eat cashews, brazil nuts, walnuts, almonds, pine nuts, macadamias, pecans, hazelnuts, shelled peanuts and pistachios.

Use them sparingly, by no means quite a lot of per day, for treats or for coaching.

The quantity of nuts you give relies upon each on the person and the way a lot train she will get. A busy Gray flying spherical aviary or home and taking part in quite a bit can eat extra nuts than a caged hen who doesn’t transfer a lot.

In coaching, breaking the nut up into slivers means that you may ask for extra repetitions for any behaviour.

I’d count on a median coaching session to last as long as 5 minutes and rewards can be three or 4 slivers of nuts. Pine nuts are helpful as coaching treats.

Coconuts are typically too laborious for a gray’s beak, nevertheless empty shells make wonderful foraging gadgets.

Parrots and pellets

Pellets that are a formulated food regimen are thought-about a better option for a lot of than seeds.

Fairly Hen produces a pellet solely for African greys’ and Harrisons natural pellets are additionally appropriate for greys’.

My greys’ can’t be persuaded to eat Fairly Hen though a colleague’s Gray, Monty thrives upon them.

It’s typically potential to transform a seed eater to a pellet eater nevertheless it’s a lot simpler to wean a younger parrot onto pellets.

What seeds can parrots eat?

Parrots can eat safflower seed, sunflower seed, linseed and a variety of different seeds. Nonetheless, as talked about, seeds lack micro-nutrients, and shouldn’t type a serious a part of the food regimen.

Can African greys’ eat meat and animal protein?

It’s controversial whether or not parrots ought to be fed animal protein

Wild parrots are presumed to eat bugs and grubs each from chewing bark and fruits. My greys’ when younger had been as soon as provided a cooked hen drumstick flesh eliminated, however now not confirmed curiosity once they had been mature.

I requested Alan Jones a senior UK vet, now retired, who informed me:

“In case you are asking about greys’, sure, definitely they’re omnivorous. The Individuals have an expression ‘facultative omnivores’ utilized to most parrots, which means that they may eat no matter is on the market on the time. Actually, in captivity African gray parrots and different parrots will eat cooked egg, cooked hen and fish, and cheese. Within the wild, parrots will take carrion, fish, grubs and caterpillars, particularly when feeding chicks”. Quote obtained December 2020.

I’ve listened to Alan’s recommendation in individual and from his books and lectures for over twenty years and proceed to take action.

Many carers consider animal protein ought to by no means be fed. You will need to make up your thoughts. A few of us feed eggs. I do myself often present a hard-boiled egg or a vegetable omelette which I share with the greys’. Some variations of birdy bread comprise eggs.

What can African grey parrots eat?You may create your individual mash for African greys’

Sprouting seeds and soaking seeds

A helpful addition to a Gray’s food regimen, is sprouts, seeds or grains. Each seed and pellet advocates agree the sprouts are useful to each parrot species.

Sunflower seeds that are frowned upon as being too filled with fats, shed this when sprouted and comprise helpful enzymes.

Sprouting seeds or grains isn’t difficult:

  • You soak the seeds for twenty-four hours. Then rinse and place in one of many many sorts of sprouter obtainable. A Kilner jar with a pierced lid will sprout equally effectively.
  • Preserve the jar tilted and rinse twice a day, letting the sprouter drain.
  • Preserve it in a heat place out of direct daylight and use when the sprouts have somewhat tail. This takes two or extra days.
  • Because the sprouts can develop mould preserve effectively rinsed and clear, and by no means use if there’s any odour.

You can even sprout seeds like radishes, broccoli or beans so as to add to your individual salads.

Consuming water for African greys’

Contemporary water is crucial all of the occasions, so ought to be modified at the very least twice a day. Whether or not you employ faucet or spring water is a private alternative.

House owners have given anecdotal proof that a couple of drops of cider vinegar have helped older birds with arthritis.

How a lot do you have to feed an African gray?

My regime is 40% seeds and pellets and 60% recent meals. Which incorporates a variety of nuts, particularly for the energetic macaws.

I’m conscious that a lot present opinion decides 60% ought to be pellets with 10% seeds on prime.

When it comes to quantity, it is best to feed round 10% of your hen’s physique weight a day.

So a hen weighing 450 grams would obtain round 45 grams of meals.

How usually ought to I feed my African gray?

Captive parrots are typically fed two or 3 times a day. The way you select your hen’s mealtimes is a private determination relying in your life-style.

I’m an advocate of two meals a day. The breakfast bowl ought to be eliminated after thirty minutes with no meals left besides in a single day. After a busy day your Gray shall be prepared for his supper.

Following this routine means your hen shall be eager for his coaching periods. He’ll additionally eat effectively, and whereas the meals is recent.

Attempt retaining branches and chewable toys within the cage, as an alternative of meals, which you ought to be doing anyway, for psychological stimulation.

Lactose intolerance

A parrot consuming a meals with an excessive amount of lactose in it like ice cream or wealthy cheese could have a runny diarrhoea.

There aren’t any milk bushes within the rain forest nor do parrots breast feed. So, they’ve by no means developed to digest lactose. That mentioned, many parrots seem to like yoghurt or the occasional small piece of cheese. So, the reply can be to keep away from merchandise with lactose for full safety.

Calcium and vitamin dietary supplements for African gray parrots

Greys’ can endure from calcium deficiency extra simply than different species, a scarcity of which may trigger seizures, probably feather plucking and poor well being.

My vet has by no means suggested dietary supplements however advocates calcium wealthy meals comparable to kale, water-grass, cress, almonds and carrots.

When pellets type the principle portion of the food regimen, dietary supplements ought to not be given. In case you are anxious than your avian vet ought to be requested for recommendation. You could find a vet right here.

Why is my African gray regurgitating meals?

Both as a result of she or he needs to feed you as their fledgling or it’s a sexually energetic response from a parrot who fancies you as her mate. Ignore the observe, change the topic and by no means punish regular behaviour.

Cooking for parrots

It isn’t vital nevertheless it’s a lot enjoyable. Most parrot house owners I do know do it – whether or not or not they’re connoisseur cooks.

African gray meals recipes

Chop and Mash

Making chop and freezing it has change into a well-liked method to feed parrots. The thought of chop is that you just cook dinner varied wholesome grains, add greens, fruit, nuts, herbs and spices and freeze ample portions in particular person sachets for a number of weeks and even months.

Chop recipes abound they’re much like birdie bread. Right here is a straightforward one. They appear fussy at first however with observe they change into straightforward and are nice enjoyable.

Bean and vegetable combine for freezing

  • Mustard seeds: 2 tablespoons
  • Cumin: 1 teaspoon
  • Garlic: 2-4 cloves
  • Ginger: 1 cm chopped root or one teaspoon
  • Chilli powder: 1 teaspoon
  • Collection of cooked beans: 250-400 grams per bean
  • Chickpeas
  • Black beans
  • Mung beans

In case you have no time to soak and cook dinner beans you need to use tinned, drained beans.


Use 500-1 kg of no matter is in season. Attempt to embrace carrots, cooked candy potato, peas, candy corn off the cob and inexperienced leafy greens.


Pop the mustard seeds in a tablespoon of oil. Add the opposite spices and cook dinner gently for a couple of minutes till mixed.

Add the beans and recent greens. Solely let it heat by means of, don’t cook dinner the combination. Prime with cinnamon, poppy or sesame seeds. Let it cool and freeze in meal measurement parts.

This recipe will present between 2/3 kg of chop. You should utilize smaller portions for a single hen. With my flock, the greys’, goffins and macaws take pleasure in this recipe.

Birdy Bread

Parrot cooks have their favorite, right here’s mine. It isn’t for every day use because it’s too wealthy and calorific. So solely feed it as an occasional deal with. It additionally comprises eggs, so don’t feed for those who keep away from animal merchandise.

  • Natural flour spelt, kamut or rye: 250 grams
  • Rapeseed oil: 4 tablespoons
  • Coconut sugar: 4 tablespoons
  • Apple sauce: 200 ml
  • Eggs: 3
  • Cinnamon: 1 teaspoon
  • Topping: Poppy seeds or flaked almonds

I combine the flour, oil and sugar until clean then add the eggs, apple sauce and cinnamon. I bake in a bread tin for 35 minutes at 180 C.

This recipe will not be ideally suited for birds however has the benefit that folks can take pleasure in it too. You can even add 150 grams of grated beetroot into the combo if you’re feeling adventurous.

Dot’s mash

To make a mash you soak seeds and legumes for 12/24 hours and permit them to sprout. Then cook dinner these together with varied grains. Afterwards add finely chopped fruit and greens, cooked or uncooked, and freeze in particular person parts.

When serving an unfrozen portion, you would possibly sprinkle one thing like spirulina, sesame seeds or flaxseed oil.

  • 100 grams cooked grains (brown rice or buckwheat)
  • 100 grams cooked quinoa
  • 100 grams cooked beans
  • Evenly steamed candy potato or an natural potato
  • 1.5 kg of recent greens

Contemporary greens embrace carrots, cabbage, broccoli, celery, spinach, pumpkin, courgettes, inexperienced and purple peppers, and corn cobs – no matter is in season.

I used to cut recent greens however now use the blender in order that the macaws can not pick their favourites and throw the remaining on the aviary ground.

When greens are briefly provide, I exploit frozen, and I frequently use frozen peas and tinned sweetcorn. Herbs and spices range for every combine – cinnamon, turmeric, star anise, coriander, and so on.

Parrot insists on sharing your meals

You’ve been informed numerous occasions that fried meals, crisps, chips, pizza, tea, espresso, alcohol, chocolate and avocado are forbidden and may even be deadly for birds.

So, you’ve two selections: first – you by no means let your hen out of its cage when people are consuming.

A tough one as a result of my pet birds take pleasure in actively socialising with guests who could also be consuming and consuming unsuitable gadgets.

Second – solely serve and eat wholesome meals. Since we eat primarily vegetarian, that is simpler than it appears at first. And good for our well being as a result of fried meals, fat and an excessive amount of sugar give me indigestion.

Artha as a younger hen had the behavior of swooping right down to the household tea desk and swooping off clutching a LARGE slice of cake. She was caught and allowed a couple of crumbs.


With regards to food regimen it’s necessary to notice that fashions and fads change Twenty years in the past a parrot handbook I consulted really helpful espresso and a roll for the gray’s breakfast.

Today vets, researchers, specialists, breeders, zoo house owners and pastime house owners would not have a 100% settlement on parrot food regimen. So, the conscientious carer of a companion gray has to make her personal selections.

So with this in thoughts, have we reached a conclusion as to one of the best vitamin for African greys’? Sadly, the query reverts to how lengthy is a bit of string?

Is your parrot insured? Get a quote for as much as £5,000 of vet price cowl, loss of life and theft cowl | We have been insuring unique pets since 1996 | Take a look at our buyer evaluations on Feefo.

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