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How Hard is Hawaiian to Learn?

Hawaiian is a Polynesian language that just about grew to become extinct after being banned in public colleges in 1896. At present, increasingly individuals are enthusiastic about studying this language, and Hawaiian is returning to prominence. The language is integral to the indigenous folks of Hawaii, and Hawaii is the one state within the U.S. with two official languages, as Hawaiian was added in 1978.

Hawaiian will not be very arduous to be taught, and fortuitously, there are numerous sources out there to assist. The pronunciation is constant, and there are solely twelve letters within the Hawaiian alphabet. Most consonants have an analogous pronunciation to English, and the vocabulary will not be very giant.

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All through this text, I’ll focus on what it takes to be taught Hawaiian and supply some ideas for getting began on this language studying endeavor.

What You Want To Know About Studying Hawaiian

Hawaiian will not be as arduous to be taught as many different languages, making it a super alternative for somebody who needs to talk and perceive a brand new language.

There are various sources out there for studying Hawaiian, together with books, web sites, and language studying apps.

One benefit is the pronunciation.

Saying phrases in Hawaiian is less complicated than many individuals notice. Even with lengthy, unrecognizable phrases, the pronunciation is often the identical for every syllable as it could be in English.

When you perceive just a few guidelines about saying vowels and work out the place to place the stresses in phrases, you’ll be capable of sound out phrases appropriately.

Saying Consonants

The excellent news is that the Hawaiian alphabet may be very small in comparison with English and different languages.

Of the twelve letters, there are seven consonants. Of these seven, six of them are pronounced precisely the identical as you’d say them in English.

The letter “w” is the one consonant that’s pronounced otherwise than it’s in English.

Typically, it sounds just like the letter “v,” and different instances, it feels like an English “w.”

When “w” comes after “i” or “e,” it’s pronounced just like the letter “v.” When it comes after “o” or “u,” it’s pronounced like an English “w.”

When “w” follows the letter “a,” it might sound like both a “v” or a “w,” relying on the phrase. For these phrases, you’ll have to memorize the proper pronunciation.

Hawaiian Vowels

One other similarity that makes studying Hawaiian comparatively straightforward for English audio system is that each languages use the identical 5 vowels (a, e, i, o, u).

In English, vowels could make completely different sounds relying on the phrase.

For instance, the letter “o” could be a brief /o/ sound, as in “scorching,” or it may be an extended /o/ sound, as in “boat.” It will get even trickier in phrases like “moo.” These are a few of the causes that English is notoriously troublesome for folks to be taught as a second language.

Alternatively, Hawaiian vowels sound the identical on a regular basis. There are not any lengthy or brief vowel sounds.

A great place to start out studying Hawaiian is to follow saying the completely different vowel sounds out loud. The pronunciation is kind of easy, and with a little bit of repetition, it is possible for you to to say them appropriately with out pondering an excessive amount of.

Hawaiian Vowel Pronunciation

VowelSeems like…Instance aeeeooo

Saying Syllables in Hawaiian

Not like English, Hawaiian makes use of a diacritical mark referred to as a macron to point that the speaker ought to draw out a vowel sound slightly longer. This could take some follow for English audio system, because the size of the vowel normally doesn’t have an effect on the phrase’s which means in English.

Equally, a mark often called an ‘okina demonstrates that it’s best to pause earlier than saying the subsequent syllable.

In linguistics, this is called a glottal cease, and it’s one thing that occurs on a regular basis in English.

A great instance is the pause in the midst of “uh-oh.”

Just like the macron, this pause within the phrase can change the which means, so it’s vital to be aware of its presence. This distinction between Hawaiian and English could make it barely difficult for some folks to be taught the language.

It’s additionally useful to do not forget that an ‘okina is handled like a consonant, which can assist with pronunciation and breaking syllables aside.

Some Hawaiian phrases are very lengthy, they usually can seem like extra of a problem than they really are for folks studying to learn and converse the language.

Nevertheless, Hawaiian phrases are at all times damaged into particular person syllables once they’re spoken. This helps to make the pronunciation a lot simpler for college students who’re nonetheless studying the language.

A syllable is both one or two letters and will be one or two vowels or a vowel plus a consonant. A single consonant is rarely thought-about a syllable.

Remembering this rule will make it a lot simpler to interrupt down lengthy phrases, say them appropriately, and stop you from mispronouncing brief phrases.

Let’s check out some examples of widespread phrases and phrases which are straightforward to follow.

Hawaiian Phrase(s)Pronunciation BreakdownEnglish Translation

Supply: bnok.vn

Assets for Studying Hawaiian

There are various language studying apps, web sites, and pc applications for folks seeking to broaden their linguistic talents.

Widespread applications like Duolingo now provide Hawaiian, and there are many free sources out there on-line, together with tons of movies and tutorials.

Within the video under, you possibly can be taught the very fundamentals in brief clips:

Alternatively, take a look at this video lesson from Kamehameha Faculties Distance Studying, out there on YouTube.

It’s the primary lesson out of a collection of twelve. Although it’s a bit dated (recorded in 1994), it’s nonetheless a useful studying software:

Ultimate Ideas

Although some Hawaiian phrases could look intimidating, most individuals can pronounce them simply by sounding out every syllable. The Hawaiian alphabet is small, and the letter sounds are the identical as they’re in English.

General, Hawaiian will not be too arduous to be taught so long as you’re prepared to commit the time it takes to be taught any second language.

Many individuals discover it very rewarding to be taught a brand new language, particularly one with an extended historical past and robust cultural ties like Hawaiian.

As well as, the variety of instruments and sources out there make it even simpler to be taught Hawaiian.

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