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Guinea pig upper respiratory infection treatment

Bordetella Bronchisepta An infection in Guinea Pigs

Respiratory infections are fairly frequent in guinea pigs, and infrequently they’re a results of a bacterial an infection. One such micro organism is Bordetella bronchisepta, which primarily impacts the respiratory tract. It’s mostly transmitted from one guinea pig to a different when droplets are sprayed into the air by sneezing or coughing. There may be additionally a genital type of B. bronchisepta, by which the an infection is transmitted by sexual contact.

In some circumstances, guinea pigs could be carriers of B. bronchisepta an infection with out truly exhibiting any signs of the an infection, however there are additionally circumstances of outbreaks amongst teams of guinea pigs, throughout which the entire contaminated animals will get sick and die earlier than therapy might be utilized.

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Signs and Sorts

Though some guinea pigs contaminated with B. bronchisepta might not show any indicators of sickness, this isn’t all the time the case. Indicators to look out for embrace:

  • Fever
  • Boring or depressed look
  • Lack of urge for food and weight reduction
  • Respiratory misery (dyspnea)
  • Nasal discharge
  • Infertility (in females)
  • Miscarriages
  • Calcium deficiency (in pregnant and nursing guinea pigs)


An infection might be transmitted from one guinea pig to a different by aerosol transmission (airborne) or by sexual contact


Your veterinarian will carry out a radical bodily examination in your guinea pig, bearing in mind the background historical past of signs and doable incidents which may have led to this situation, akin to current breeding, current diseases, or the introduction of recent guinea pigs into the group. To verify the prognosis, nevertheless, your veterinarian will most likely want to look at blood samples from the animal.


B. bronchisepta an infection is usually handled with the assistance of systemic antibiotics. In case your guinea pigs may be very weak, supportive fluid remedy and supplementation with oral or injectable multivitamins could also be required. Your veterinarian can even advise you on the supportive care that’s wanted to encourage and hasten a full restoration.

Dwelling and Administration

Your guinea pig will want loads of relaxation in a relaxed and clear surroundings through the restoration course of. Cleanliness performs an essential function in restoration, so you have to to make certain that your guinea pig’s cage is totally cleaned and disinfected earlier than reintroducing the guinea pig to it.

Separate the contaminated guinea pigs from the wholesome guinea pigs to stop unfold of the an infection. The truth is, it might be greatest to put different guinea pigs into totally different rooms altogether.


Guinea pigs might be carriers of the B. bronchisepta micro organism with out exhibiting signs, making this a difficult an infection to stop. In case your guinea pig exhibits signs of any sort of respiratory ailment, the very best preventative is to isolate the animal instantly from the others. Hygiene and cleanliness are useful in all circumstances, however as a result of that is unfold by air, it’s nonetheless a hazard to uninfected guinea pigs.

Different animals, akin to canine, cats, rabbits, and mice may be contaminated with these micro organism with out exhibiting any indicators of sickness. In case you have a number of animals in your house, you must follow protected dealing with. Conserving the animals separate, and washing arms and garments between dealing with your animals are among the greatest insurance policies you possibly can follow in stopping the unfold of infectious ailments. As well as, correctly cleansing the cages, frequently eradicating any feces and urine, and altering dirty bedding materials routinely is crucial.

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