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Do hamsters get lonely?

Ought to hamsters reside alone or be stored in pairs?

Do you ever fear that your hamster will get lonely when you go away them by themselves?

Do you ponder whether one other hamster – or extra time round folks – will make your hamster happier and cease them from getting lonely?

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On this article, we discover out all about hamster loneliness and whether or not it is best to fear about your hamster residing alone.

Do hamsters get lonely?

The straightforward reply to this query isn’t any; hamsters don’t get lonely.

Though they’re now usually stored as pets, hamsters had been initially desert animals. Within the desert, assets comparable to meals and water are restricted, so hamsters have developed to guard their territory and assets from different hamsters.

Ought to hamsters reside alone or be stored in pairs?

As a result of they’re so territorial, it’s usually finest to solely preserve one hamster per cage.

Including multiple hamster to the identical enclosure may result in some actually nasty preventing. Presumably even to the demise! That is very true of Syrian hamsters.

Dwarf hamsters are extra sociable than Syrian hamsters, however you continue to must watch out. For those who do determine to maintain a pair of dwarf hamsters then it’s necessary to introduce them to their cage on the identical time and when they’re very younger.

Including one hamster after the opposite will result in preventing, as the primary hamster will try and defend its territory from the second hamster.

When you’ve got two hamsters residing fortunately collectively and one among them dies then don’t add a brand new second hamster. They are going to nearly actually begin preventing!

Including two hamsters to the identical cage

For those who do determine to maintain two hamsters collectively in the identical cage then it is best to comply with these steps to assist them reside fortunately collectively:

  1. Introduce each hamsters to a brand new house – not a house that one of many hamsters has ever lived in earlier than
  2. Select a big cage – there are tons out there. The cage ought to be sufficiently big for each hamsters to have loads of house – and add two of all the pieces to the cage. Two meals dishes, two water bottles, two hamster wheels, two sleeping areas, and so forth.
  3. Undergo the introduction course of when they’re younger – don’t add totally grown hamsters to the identical cage!
  4. Put one hamster in a small cage and place that small cage contained in the bigger cage
  5. Let the opposite hamster unfastened within the giant cage
  6. Permit the hamsters to get used to one another over the course of a number of days. They are going to usually sniff one another by way of the bars of the small cage containing one hamster
  7. Swap the hamsters round every day in order that they take turns within the small cage and unfastened within the large cage
  8. Wait no less than one week after which – so long as the hamsters aren’t being aggressive in direction of one another – take away the small cage in order that each hamsters are unfastened within the large cage
  9. Watch the hamsters intently and put one among them again within the small cage if there are any indicators of aggression
  10. Repeat steps 3 to eight till each hamsters are unfastened in the principle cage and never exhibiting any indicators of aggression
  11. If the hamsters are nonetheless aggressive after following the above course of a number of occasions then it’s worthwhile to settle for that the introduction has failed. Purchase a second cage and all the time preserve the 2 hamsters aside. Sadly, these two simply don’t get alongside!

Ought to I play with my hamster?

Sure! Though this text could make it sound like hamsters are aggressive animals, that is how they behave round different hamsters, not round people.

Hamsters are a lot friendlier round folks than they’re round different hamsters, so it’s high-quality to play with them. Simply be sure that to get them used to interacting with you first and think about sporting thick gloves till they study to not chunk.

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