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Do guinea pigs need light at night

In case you have a pet guinea pig, it is very important know the way properly they’ll see in the dead of night. In any case, no caring pet guardian desires their guinea pigs stumbling round (and not using a mild ) once they’re attempting to get their meals, water or litter field. This makes some house owners marvel: “Do guinea pigs want a light-weight an evening?”

As a common rule, guinea pigs don’t want a light-weight at evening. Guinea pigs can’t see in the dead of night, however they’ve sharp senses and abilities that assist them navigate their cage – comparable to listening to, odor, and spatial reminiscence. Actually, preserving their cage darkish at evening advantages guinea pigs in a number of methods.

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Maintain studying this weblog submit. You’ll be taught the very best choices for offering lighting to your guinea pigs throughout the day, in addition to what you must find out about evening time lighting and the way it impacts them.

You’ll additionally learn the way guinea pigs navigate at evening and the main points about how they do it so properly.

Let’s get began!

Why Don’t Guinea Pigs Want A Mild At Evening?

When listening to the squeaks and scuttles of guinea pigs at evening, it’s pure for us to suppose that our little critters can see completely properly in the dead of night. However the reality is there’s no scientific proof that guinea pigs can see in the dead of night.


There’s loads of proof to help that guinea pigs use different senses to assist them navigate in little to no lighting.

Right here’s how they do it:


Guinea Pigs have an incredible sense of contact, due to their whiskers (additionally known as vibrissae!). These little hairs are so delicate {that a} guinea pig in a darkish room can inform what’s close by simply by modifications within the air present from close to objects like partitions, meals bowls, and hideaways!

After they’re exploring one thing new – sniffing out tasty treats or deciding if there may be hazard round – they’ll fan-out their whiskers for extra details about dimension, texture and different particulars. Guinea pigs use these furry strands to detect risks in addition to discover meals…and typically even one another!


Guinea pig’s sense of odor is heightened in the dead of night, which permits them to simply discover their meals dish and water bowl at evening.

Sense of odor can be essential for piggies as a result of it helps them talk with different furry mates and people. It’s accomplished through the use of chemical messages that may be detected by way of scent receptors inside a nasal cavity.

Spatial Reminiscence

Domesticated guinea pigs have an superior spatial reminiscence – significantly better than their wild cousins. Scientists suppose that it’s their domestication which has allow them to adapt to man-made environments so simply and bear in mind the place bits of meals, hideaways, or water bowls are and not using a mild supply.

What does this imply?

Piggies can work out how greatest to search out the best way round in darkish areas by remembering landmarks comparable to corners and ledges and distances between objects – for months at a time.

Some pet dad and mom fear about their little guinea pigs bumping into issues at evening, however they’re worrying needlessly. Based mostly on the trifecta of variations, it’s clear mild isn’t wanted for security or for his or her little mates to efficiently navigate their enclosures.

Pet dad and mom all over the place can chill out (and breathe a sigh of aid); their little furry mates might be simply wonderful in the dead of night…

Advantages Of Holding Guinea Pigs In The Darkish (When It’s Darkish Out)

benefits of keeping guinea pigs in the dark: do guinea pigs need light

Now, that we all know that piggies can maneuver by way of the enclosures with ease with out lights, let’s transfer on to the advantages of preserving guinea pigs in the dead of night at acceptable occasions.

It’s essential that guinea pigs have darkish areas to take pleasure in (and infrequently retreat to) due to the next causes:

  • Security and Safety: Guinea pigs are prey animals – small animals are hunted by greater, predatory animals. So, they’re at all times skittish and hypervigilant about their security. They want a darkish area disguise with a view to really feel protected and safe. Within the daytime, it’s hideaway or cardboard bins. At evening, it’s the truth that there aren’t any lights on – simulating precise evening.
  • Extra Restful Sleep: This form of ties into security and safety. Guinea pigs seldom sleep. Guinea pigs are crepuscular animals – which means they’re extra energetic at daybreak and nightfall. And so they nap (just a few minutes at a time) on and off all day – and evening. However, once they do, the absence of sunshine helps them really feel safer when.
  • Simulates The Wild: Pet dad and mom put a number of consideration into meals, bedding, and toys they supply their piggies. However, it’s not simply provides that wants consideration. It’s additionally about ensuring their environment are as near pure as attainable – together with once they’re uncovered to daytime or nighttime circumstances.

Assist your guinea pigs regulate day and evening cycles by being uncovered to mild or darkness on the proper occasions. This may be achieved with pure daylight or by when pet dad and mom activate or dim lights.

What Do House owners Use As Lighting For Their Guinea Pigs?

I wished to determine what lighting the common guinea pig proprietor used and when, so I did a little analysis.

I particularly appeared for the hottest lighting choices (pure or synthetic) utilized by pet house owners for the guinea pigs.

Right here’s what I discovered:

do guinea pigs need light

180 guinea pig house owners have been surveyed and 165 (91.7%) of guinea pig house owners used some type of synthetic mild with their guinea pigs.

Solely 8.3% of pet dad and mom used ONLY daylight – which means that sunshine was used throughout the day for his or her fur infants and at sundown, their piggies didn’t obtain any extra mild of their areas.

This info lined up with my preliminary assumption. I figured that the majority guinea pig house owners must use some type of synthetic lighting with their pets.

Out of 165 house owners the bulk used common lights (e.g. lamps, ceiling lights) or string lights (e.g. fairy lights, Christmas lights) so their guinea pigs can see.


Issues obtained fascinating after I began trying to find info to the query: Do you permit a light-weight on to your guinea pigs at evening?

I used to be capable of collect info from 112 pet dad and mom.

My assumption can be that almost all of pet dad and mom would let their piggies sleep in the dead of night…

do guinea pigs need light?

Most pet dad and mom go away some type of mild on for his or her guinea pigs at evening.

  • 56.8% of guinea pig house owners go away a light-weight on for the guinea pigs at evening
  • 43.2% of pet house owners flip them off at evening for the guinea pigs

What was much more stunning was that the outcomes have been so shut.

One thing else fascinating is that a number of the house owners, both used different lighting strategies at evening for his or her guinea pigs or different choices to assuage their piggies to sleep.

do guinea pigs need light

The Risks of Utilizing String Lights In Guinea Pig Cages

do guinea pigs need lights?

Apart from common lighting (e.g. ceiling and lamps), string lights are a most well-liked synthetic mild supply for pet dad and mom – significantly across the holidays.

However, it’s essential to make use of lighting safely; in any other case, you could find yourself with a catastrophe in your palms.

Maintain wires, batteries and glass or plastic ornaments out of paws’ attain.


Since guinea pigs have constantly rising enamel, they’ll chew something (and I do imply something) – together with these lovable fairy lights.

Which implies…

These string lights can provide your little mates a nasty electrical shock (or kill them immediately) if chewed. And so they may also get tangled within the wires.

Assume your guinea pigs can’t attain them?

Assume once more.

Guinea. Pigs. Can. Bounce.

Watch this video to see what I imply:

They’ll overheat and quick out close to wooden shavings, paper bedding or hay which might shortly result in catastrophe – like your own home burning down.

In the event you’re going to make use of string lights, accomplish that safely. And listed below are some suggestions that will help you accomplish that:

  1. Arrange string lights excessive sufficient so your piggies can’t attain them. Ensure you take their peak into consideration too! Some grownup guinea pigs can soar or climb a 14″ C&C grid and simply get to (and chew) the lights
  2. Examine them day by day to ensure they’re not overheating or shorting out.
  3. Unplug them once you’re not at house (use an alternate mild supply) and at evening
  4. Maintain the them as distant from flamable surfaces (like wooden shavings, hay or paper bedding) as you may

How Nicely Can Guinea Pigs See?

do guinea pigs need light

Guinea pigs are prey animals by nature, and that is mirrored of their imaginative and prescient. Actually, guinea pigs have very poor eyesight.

There are three principal components which decide how properly (or poorly) guinea pig eyesight works: depth notion (how shut objects seem once they’re considered), vary or subject (the gap inside which an object will stay sharp), and visible acuity (clearness).

Depth Notion

Guinea pigs have horrible depth notion. And you already know why?

Since their eyes are on reverse sides of their head, there’s just about no overlap within the fields of imaginative and prescient between them; the place as people have practically 140° overlapping subject for our two eyes.

Because of this guinea pigs lack three-dimensional sight and might’t visually measure depth correctly like we do with ours – this makes it extraordinarily troublesome to guage distances once they’re up excessive or close to vertical surfaces so be certain to not go away your pet guinea pig unattended on tables or different excessive surfaces!

Vary of Imaginative and prescient

Because of the form of their head and barely off heart eyes, they’ll’t deal with something straight in entrance of (or behind) them.

However what the guinea pig lacks with straight ahead imaginative and prescient, he makes up for by having the ability to see virtually every little thing else from a 360 diploma perspective. They can see in virtually each different route – with out shifting their eyes! Guinea pigs have an excellent wider subject of view than people do!

In addition they course of photographs at 33 frames per second – which means that irrespective of how a lot or shortly your piggie turns round issues don’t blur when she turns her head.

Throughout the animal kingdom, most species “see the world with a lot much less element than we do…”

Eleanor Caves, a postdoctoral researcher at Duke College Futurity

Visible Acuity

Visible acuity refers to how a lot element an animal can see.

Apparently, most animals see objects with rather a lot much less element than human beings.

And that features guinea pigs.

Guinea pigs are nearsighted and have a poor visible subject. They’ll solely see objects which are as much as three toes (one meter) away vividly.

If an object is farther away than this distance it’ll seem blurry. Nevertheless, guinea pigs will acknowledge motion together with brilliant patches and darkish ones too!

Continuously Requested Questions About Guinea Pigs, Lighting, and Sight

Ought to I Cowl My Guinea Pigs Cage At Evening?

Sometimes, house owners shouldn’t cowl their guinea pig’s cage at evening. Guinea pigs want good air flow and tossing a blanket over the cage may inhibit airflow.

Nevertheless, for those who stay in a really chilly local weather that makes it uncomfortable to your piggies at evening, then masking the cage might be a suitable choice. Simply just remember to don’t cowl the cage fully, in order that they your little mates have correct air flow.

Can Guinea Pigs Get Scared Of The Darkish?

There’s no research that signifies that guinea pigs are afraid of the darkish. Fairly the opposite. Guinea pigs are snug in the dead of night, as a result of it makes them really feel safe – hidden from predators.

Are LED Lights Harmful For Guinea Pigs?

As a common rule, LED lights are protected for guinea pigs. However, house owners should observe sure precautions.

Guinea pigs mustn’t stay in a brightly lit setting on a regular basis. They do greatest with oblique daylight. So it’s essential to ensure your LEDs aren’t too sturdy and to direct them away out of your piggie’s cage (or flip them off) for a couple of hours every day – simply sufficient to simulate the day-night cycle to your piggies.

Do Guinea Pigs Like Daylight?

Guinea pigs undoubtedly wish to spend time outdoors within the solar – however solely moderately.

Direct daylight is unhealthy for guinea pigs as a result of it could possibly trigger warmth stroke and warmth exhaustion – each probably lethal for guinea pigs.

In the event you plan on letting your piggies outside to take pleasure in some sunshine recent air, it’s essential to do the next:

  • Control your guinea pigs – at all times; by no means go away them unattended
  • Outline an area for them to inhabit, comparable to a coated patio, porch space, or a guinea pig run; shade is essential!
  • Ensure your piggies are shielded from predators
  • Present plenty of recent, clear water and shade from the solar

Last Ideas About Guinea Pigs And Evening Lighting

Some pet dad and mom from giving their guinea pigs some type of mild within the night; nevertheless, that’s not crucial.

Guinea pigs undoubtedly don’t want a light-weight at evening.

Don’t get me unsuitable.

Guinea pigs have rather a lot going in opposition to them in relation to their eyesight.

For instance, they’re:

  • unable to focus at lengthy distances
  • nearsighted
  • missing depth notion
  • riddled with eye diseases

And but …

Piggies have sufficient variations (e.g. whiskers, listening to, and odor) to navigate their approach round their cage in the dark – fairly properly.

Hopefully, that reality provides pet dad and mom peace of thoughts relating to their little piggies.

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