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Do Cavapoos Swim? Ultimate Water Guide and Tips

The seashore beckons, the pool sparkles, the lake is refreshing! Time for a swim! However can your Cavapoo canine include you? Do Cavapoos swim? Do they even like water?

The Cavapoo is a pleasant little companion that may at all times be by your aspect. They’re 50% Poodlepoodle and 50% Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.

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As a result of the spaniel breed is a searching canine by nature, they’re well-versed swimmers who could have no bother staying afloat. Poodles additionally like water, as their ancestors have been duck hunters and have been at all times in or round water.

So, do Cavapoos swim? The brief reply, sure! Cavapoos are nice swimmers who shall be at dwelling close to the water. Nonetheless, it’s important to notice that this will depend on the person canine, and never all Cavapoos might take pleasure in swimming. [In fact even some Goldendoodle dogs don’t like to swim and they are famously water lovers]

In case you benefit from the water and need your furry companion to hitch you, there are a number of methods to extend their chance of having fun with the water.

Introducing Cavapoos To Water

As a result of Cavapoos are a combination of two searching breeds, the Poodle and the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, there’s a good probability your Cavapoo pup will take pleasure in a pleasant swim.

A lot of that is their genetics, as their ancestors have hunted geese and different animals for generations. It may be as a result of their athletic construct, as their energy makes it comparatively straightforward for them to swim for lengthy intervals.

Though Cavapoos are wonderful swimmers, it’s essential to watch them to make sure they don’t seem to be getting drained, as toy breeds typically have a tendency to make use of up vitality faster than bigger breeds. Subsequently, they could solely have the ability to swim in brief bursts.

We suggest introducing them to the water in a shallow space steadily. It’s best to start out them off in a small swimming pool so the Cavapoo pet can get used to the water and learn to swim.

In brief, you need to by no means drive your new pup into the water if they don’t seem to be prepared, as your pet ought to enter the water on their very own.

Are Cavapoos Good Swimmers?

As a result of each the Poodlepoodle and spaniel are water canines, they’ve a pure knack for swimming. Nonetheless, it is very important word that the canine breed will not be born with the flexibility to swim. They spend a lot time round water that they grow to be seasoned swimmers over time.

It’s additionally essential to notice that many Cavapoos like shallow water reasonably than deep water. This is because of their lineage as searching animals by the banks of rivers and different our bodies of water.

To not point out, Cavapoos are a small canine breed typically bred from a Miniature Poodle. Water is fairly deep while you solely stand so tall!

Introducing Your Cavapoo to the Water

When introducing your Cavapoo to the water, take these couple of steps into consideration.

  • Begin introducing them to water with a shallow pool steadily. It is vital to not drive your Cavapoo into the water if they don’t seem to be prepared.
  • As a result of they are going to really feel probably the most energetic on the seashore, you need to convey them close to the ocean with a leash and allow them to get a really feel for the water.

As a result of Cavapoos are searching canines by nature, it is not uncommon that they are going to take to the water shortly. Nonetheless, some Cavapoos won’t be as drawn to water as others. In brief, it will depend on every canine.

It’s important to remember the fact that swimming is among the traits of each Poodlepoodles and cavaliers; subsequently, most will finally gravitate in the direction of the water and be taught to swim.

Regularly introducing your Cavapoo to water is essential as a result of swimming is such a strenuous exercise, particularly for a small canine. Subsequently, it’s important to give them an opportunity to get used to the motion.

Water Security for Cavapoos

As a result of their ancestral nature, Cavapoos can be taught to swim fairly simply. Nonetheless, it’s nonetheless essential to have particular security measures in place simply in case.

Put together Your Canine for Swimming

  1. Guarantee they will simply exit the water in the event that they get into any bother. It’s vital to have any exit factors lined up earlier than letting them into the water.
  2. Do a fast look across the space to level out any harmful objects or environments that might pose a risk to your canine.
  3. Guarantee they take breaks when wanted. Though they’re athletic, the bodily and psychological exhaustion of such an train can nonetheless trigger fatigue.
  4. Guarantee there are numerous security measures in place, corresponding to a life jacket, simply in the event that they wander away and can’t swim independently.

Entry and Exit Factors

Entry and exit factors are extremely essential when round water. Be certain that your canine can shortly exit the water on their energy in the event that they get into bother.

That is particularly essential with Cavapoos, as they typically get drained shortly. When canines grow old, they are going to know when to take a break; nonetheless, youthful and extra inexperienced canines might not.

For instance, should you plan on taking your canine to the seashore, guarantee they will enter and exit the water simply underneath their energy. Take into accounts the depth, tide, and so forth., when contemplating permitting your canine close to water.

For swimming pools, you need to solely permit them into the shallow finish and present them the entry and exit factors quite a few occasions to know precisely the place they’re.


When taking your canine to a lake or the seashore, potential hazards might be different animals, particles, or any vegetation. (Loopy truth – do you know that small canines typically get attacked by hawks and owls!?)

It could be greatest should you at all times supervise your canine when they’re swimming. It’s important by no means to lose sight of them when they’re within the water, monitor their vitality ranges, and establish if they’re struggling.

Pool hazards are sometimes associated to the chemical compounds to maintain the water clear. You should know which chemical compounds are within the water earlier than permitting your canine to swim. Harsh chemical compounds can injury your combined breed canine’s coat.

Fortunately a easy wash off with recent water is often ample to undo any injury inflicting irritants. Pure or mild Cavapoo shampoo can even felt if there may be salt or sand.

Taking Breaks

In case your Cavapoo pup is energetic, they could need to keep within the water all day. Nonetheless, it’s essential to encourage them to take breaks in the event that they get drained out shortly. Taking breaks is essential, particularly in the summertime months, as canines can endure from warmth exhaustion.


In order for you a loyal companion who loves the water, a Cavapoo doodle breed ought to up there as a selection. As a result of many Cavapoos love swimming a lot, you’ll doubtless have problem getting them out of the water!

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