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Can a cockatoo bite your finger off

Recognized for his or her engaging look and implausible qualities, cockatoos are outfitted with massive beaks able to destroying a number of supplies. They’re robust sufficient to simply crack by exhausting Brazilian nuts and have a horrible impact on no matter is bitten.

Simply watching a cockatoo crush a nut or break a weld on a steel cage, is sure to get you pondering of what that beak might do to you.

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So, can a cockatoo chunk your finger off? Only a few birds can chunk exhausting sufficient to take off fingers in grownup people. Usually talking, a cockatoo could cause a foul crushing harm and nerve harm, however it’s unlikely to take away the complete finger. Nevertheless, an especially indignant cockatoo might chunk proper by a toddler’s finger or break it.

Allow us to let you know why do cockatoos chunk, how exhausting they chunk, and what indicators to search for to maintain all of your fingers intact and forestall different accidents.

Why Does Your Cockatoo Chunk?

Biting is without doubt one of the mostly seen issues in companion parrots, and cockatoos are not any totally different. It is advisable do not forget that even when your parrot was hand-reared he’s nonetheless a wild animal with instinctual traits that haven’t been bred out.

Biting is a pure conduct for birds, and also you as your parrot’s caretaker want to grasp this conduct to keep away from getting bitten.

Let’s check out a number of causes behind cockatoo bites:

Concern and/or mistrust

Grownup cockatoos see sure members of their household as their “flock” and these are reliable folks. However anybody who your parrot doesn’t know or doesn’t belief might find yourself bitten.

It is usually potential that your parrot is afraid or doesn’t like sure relations, together with you, which might trigger him to assault and chunk that particular person out of concern.


Many birds might chunk when they’re playful or are over-stimulated, and cockatoos are liable to “overload” conduct. On this case, it is vital that to learn your parrot’s physique language and to keep away from dealing with him when he’s excited.

Needless to say all parrots are totally different, and that physique language varies from one hen to a different. Thus, it’s best to observe your cockatoo rigorously to study when he’s overly excited and able to chunk you.


All parrots might chunk when they’re wired or drained. Usually, parrots want 12 hours of peace and quiet within the darkness to be absolutely rested. In case your cockatoo didn’t get a great night time’s sleep he shall be drained and should turn out to be cranky sufficient to attempt to chunk you.

Sickness or harm

Like us, our feathered pets aren’t utterly themselves when they’re sick or in ache. An injured cockatoo might attempt to chunk even if you’re his favourite particular person. So watch out when dealing with a sick hen.

Territorial conduct

Many parrots can turn out to be territorial of their cage, play stand, or their favourite particular person. When a cockatoo is territorial of his cage he’ll attempt to chunk everytime you attempt to take him off. On this case, coaching your parrot will help you curb this conduct.

However, in case your cockatoo turns into territorial of you, he’ll both attempt to chunk you or chunk a rival on your consideration.

Many individuals requested us whether it is potential to maintain Cockatoos with different birds collectively. Cockatiels, for instance. We advocate to not do this! Right here is why!

Hormonal adjustments

All sexually mature parrots undergo hormonal adjustments that are introduced by the breeding season. Nevertheless, cockatoos and amazons are typically affected by hormonal adjustments greater than different parrots.

There isn’t a lot you are able to do to cease normal aggressiveness and hormonal biting, so your greatest wager is to keep away from dealing with your parrot when his hormones are working wild.

How Sturdy Is A Cockatoo’s Chunk?

Most parrots can chunk exhausting as a result of their beaks developed to be robust sufficient to crack exhausting nuts they usually additionally use them to climb. Usually, the larger the beak the more durable a parrot can chunk, however don’t underestimate smaller species since they will trigger harm too.

Cockatoos can chunk exhausting, however not like different parrots, their decrease mandibles have two prongs. That mixed with the curved single level of their higher jaw, provides them a three-way chunk and energy to trigger extra harm than different parrots of comparable dimension.

In accordance with experiences, bigger cockatoos can chunk with a power of about 350 psi (kilos per sq. inch) which is roughly the identical chunk power of a Husky.

The truth is, wild cockatoos are identified to trigger vital harm to homes and something fabricated from wooden.

What Are The Indicators That A Cockatoo Is Going To Chunk?

Like some other animal, your cockatoo won’t assault and attempt to chunk you with out giving some warning indicators first. And as soon as to learn your parrot’s physique language and study what triggers this conduct you may keep away from being bitten.

These are the indicators that your cockatoo might attempt to chunk you:

  • Feather ruffling
  • Lunging
  • Hissing (We present you 8 causes for hissing in parrots right here)
  • Head bobbing (Learn this text in case your parrot is head-bobbing very often!)
  • Eye-pining

For those who discover any of those indicators, don’t ignore them! As a substitute, attempt to distract your cockatoo by calmly speaking to him and wait a couple of minutes earlier than you attempt to deal with him.

In a case that you find yourself bitten, as an alternative of yelling or rapidly pulling again, give your hen a agency “no” or “no biting” command. Put your parrot down and withdraw your hand slowly repeating the “no” command.

What To Do If You Get Bitten By A Cockatoo?

how strong is a cockatoo biteNeedless to say parrots are wild animals and that you could get an harm to your palms or face when dealing with them. Despite the fact that there are not any precise experiences of a cockatoo eradicating a whole finger, bigger parrots could cause severe accidents.

Even small species could cause ache or draw blood with a correctly positioned chunk.

Correct hygiene is a should for all parrot bites that draw blood and you will want to clean the wound totally and apply an antibacterial ointment. Bites from larger parrots might require a visit to the emergency room and stitches.

Bigger birds and cockatoos can case fractured fingers every so often and chances are you’ll be liable to everlasting harm with out correct remedy. So, at any time when unsure, go to see your physician as quickly as you may to get your harm checked out correctly.

Generally, a chunk can get contaminated and chances are you’ll find yourself needing antibiotics if there’s a probability of contracting parrot flu or psittacosis.

Usually, even when the chunk wound appears small and insignificant it’s at all times higher to err on the protected aspect and have it checked out by a physician.

Associated Questions

What does it imply when a hen bites you? Parrots use their beaks to understand gadgets and preserve stability. So when your pet parrot bites your hand, there’s a probability that you’re being beaked relatively than bitten. Most often, a hen isn’t making an attempt to be aggressive as biting isn’t a pure preventing conduct for parrots.

Is a hen chunk harmful? Parrots have robust and sharp beaks which have the potential to trigger extreme harm to the pores and skin. Usually, if a chunk brought on bleeding chances are you’ll want medical consideration and stitches in some instances. Bigger parrots can break finger bones, so watch out when dealing with your feathered pet.

Why is my hen all of the sudden aggressive? Lack of correct socialization, hormonal adjustments, jealousy, and different elements could make your parrot aggressive. It’s best to introduce your hen to new folks and conditions to stop territorial conduct and concern of strangers. Your parrot’s hormonal adjustments will go as soon as he will get by the adolescence stage.

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