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Are my Gerbils Playing or Fighting?

Have you ever ever regarded into your gerbil’s cage and observed them wrestling or rolling round with one another barely aggressively?

Possibly you’ve seen them rise up straight and field one another as properly. They even chase one another across the cage and appear to do that each day, a number of instances a day.

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The primary query that involves thoughts is are my gerbils enjoying or combating? In case your gerbils are standing up and boxing or rolling round then they’re enjoying with one another. If they’re biting and chasing one another frantically then it’s most definitely an actual battle.

Play combating is regular gerbil conduct and nothing to fret about. Nevertheless, there are indicators that it’s essential to look out for to see if they’re really combating.

Gerbils will play and battle usually, so I did some analysis into all the indicators and what we will do about every scenario.

Why Gerbils Play Battle and Truly Battle

Earlier than stepping into the indicators of play combating and precise combating we’ve got to know why they do it within the first place.

Gerbils are social animals and play combating with one another is a pure and essential conduct that occurs.

Once they play battle they’re establishing a particular form of hierarchy throughout the pair or clan.

It’s essential as a result of it creates order and it’s additionally a gerbil means of playful affection.

Play combating to determine a hierarchy is regular, however it’s when it turns into an influence wrestle that it might probably get harmful they usually begin to really battle.

When you have got pet gerbils you usually have them in a cage or a habitat that they’ll’t go away.

Which means if any tensions have been to come up they must keep in the identical house with one another as an alternative of having the ability to go away the group.

Any form of energy wrestle would normally finish in chasing and combating as a result of there may be simply no different place for them to go.

Precise combating inside a clan of a mom gerbil and her pups can occur if the pups really feel it’s time for them to be in cost, they then begin to kick the mom gerbil out of the clan.

Male gerbils might begin to battle one another across the time they begin to get to their breeding age.

Though this particular scenario normally solely occurs once you maintain male gerbils with feminine gerbils in the identical atmosphere.

Indicators of Play Preventing

Now that we all know why gerbils play combating and truly battle we will check out among the indicators to have the ability to inform the distinction.

They’re having a boxing match. Probably the most famous indicators of play combating is when your gerbils begin to field one another.

  • It generally begins by them sniffing one another after which they rise up and have a playful boxing match, whereas additionally rolling round with one another.
  • You may normally see this when your gerbils are in numerous elements of the cage for some time they usually lastly meet again up.
  • This, like many different indicators of play combating is a conduct that you will note all through the day.

They calmly chase one another. One other signal of play combating is when your gerbils chase one another calmly across the cage.

  • So long as they’re not frantically operating after one another or slamming into issues within the cage violently whereas operating away, then it’s protected to imagine that they’re simply play combating.

They’re having a wrestling match. Your gerbils also can play battle by wrestling round on the bottom with one another.

  • In the event that they’re rolling round and neither of them appears to be like distressed then they’re greater than doubtless play combating.
  • It’s straightforward to inform as a result of they might take fast stretch breaks all through the wrestling match.

Indicators Your Gerbils are Truly Preventing

Indicators of precise combating look much more aggressive and violent, and it might probably go away your gerbils scared. It’ll look unnatural to how they’ve usually been behaving.

The indicators main as much as a battle are slightly more durable to note in the event you don’t know what to search for.

They are often very delicate so I assumed that I’d talk about among the indicators that I discovered as a result of it’s important to know as a pet gerbil proprietor.

Indicators Main as much as a Battle

Sure conditions you possibly can management that can forestall them from most definitely combating are issues like giving them satisfactory house to reside in.

There are additionally issues you possibly can’t management however ought to be careful for, and they are often seen days and even weeks main as much as a battle.

They sleep in numerous areas usually. In case your gerbils begin sleeping in completely completely different areas away from one another be cautious.

  • Once they sleep in numerous areas that may sign they’re stressing one another out.

One gerbil stopping the opposite from consuming. One other signal is in the event you discover one of many gerbils hogging all the meals to starve the opposite gerbil out.

  • Periodically verify on them when they’re consuming.
  • Barely hogging the meals is regular however really stopping the opposite from consuming is what to be careful for.

Noticing the indicators that would doubtlessly result in a battle is an important factor to do.

Realizing that your gerbils are beginning to get careworn with one another can higher put together you and in addition forestall the battle earlier than it even begins.

Indicators Your Gerbils are Truly Preventing

Like I beforehand mentioned, when gerbils really battle it would look very violent and it’s simply distinguishable from play combating.

They chew on the head or tail. One signal to search for is when one gerbil bites on the different gerbils head or tail violently.

  • Search for any form of bloodshed across the cage.
  • Test the top and tail areas of their our bodies as a result of that is doubtless the place it is going to be if they’re really combating.

They frantically Chase one another. One other signal of truly combating is once you discover a gerbil chasing one other.

  • Look ahead to frequent, aggressive and relentless chasing.
  • Pay attention for slamming sounds as a result of the gerbil that’s being chased will begin to run into objects.
  • They run into issues unintentionally as a result of their solely goal is to run away.

Panic squeaking coming from their cage. One other signal to hear for is panic squeaks coming from the gerbil’s cage.

  • When your gerbils squeak out of panic or concern it is going to be frequent.
  • Not all of gerbils squeaks imply the identical factor so simply hear for the squeaks that may signify ache or concern.

Noticing the indicators of your gerbils really combating when it’s taking place is pretty straightforward to do.

It’s very violent conduct that could be very completely different from play combating and also you need to separate them as quickly as you see it.

What you are able to do if Your Gerbils Truly Battle

What you do when your gerbils really battle can rely on many issues just like the variety of gerbils you have got, in case your gerbils are declanning, and different situation-specific variables. Seeing as not all conditions are the identical.

One factor to consider is what number of gerbils you have got in the identical cage collectively.

That’s as a result of what you do if in case you have 2 gerbils will differ from what you do if in case you have a bunch of three or extra.

Break up Cage Technique

If you happen to solely have two gerbils then chances are you’ll solely have two separate them for some time. If the scenario was too excessive chances are you’ll even should strive the cut up cage methodology.

Hold the gerbils barely separated with the cut up cage methodology till you begin to see them get alongside once more.

As soon as they get alongside once more, allow them to each return to regular with out the cut up cage methodology.

You should definitely monitor their actions shifting ahead to see if there are any extra severe points between them.

Take away the Gerbil That’s Inflicting the Drawback

If there’s a battle in a clan of three or extra gerbils, take away the gerbil that began the battle.

Be very sure that you simply take away the gerbil that truly began the battle as a result of in the event you don’t that gerbil might go on to bully different gerbils throughout the clan.

Take care of any small wounds that both of the gerbils might have but when it’s too extreme it could be time to take them to the vet.

Typically sadly, some gerbils simply don’t get alongside and may now not reside in the identical cage collectively after a battle.

The very best factor to do is to maneuver the aggressor into their very own cage the place you possibly can see if different gerbils will get together with it by means of the cut up cage methodology.

Can Play Preventing Flip Into Precise Preventing?

It’s not unnatural for play combating to show into precise combating. Such a conduct doesn’t occur that usually, however I assumed that I’d cowl it as a result of it got here up whereas I used to be researching this subject.

Whereas play combating, gerbils can really begin combating for actual. This type of combating is normally not as aggressive as an influence wrestle battle for instance, however it’s nonetheless one thing that needs to be regarded into when it occurs.

It could actually all begin from one gerbil feeling that the opposite is enjoying too tough, they usually get careworn.

As soon as that gerbil will get careworn it might probably begin to go on the offensive and up its aggressiveness so the opposite gerbil will cease.

This may result in each gerbils getting increasingly aggressive which is able to result in precise combating.

Fortunately, when this occurs more often than not the gerbils will work it out for themselves by taking a small break from one another.

This type of scenario is much less severe however, all the time make sure to break up the gerbils if this carries on for too lengthy with out them going their separate methods for some time.


Typically gerbils play battle and generally gerbils really battle, however you will be higher ready when you realize the indicators of every scenario.

All the time maintain a watchful eye in your gerbil habitat so you are able to do your finest to stop any combating between your gerbils.

If any gerbils do get into fights no matter in the event you don’t suppose the accidents are too dangerous or not, make sure to get the right medical take care of them that’s crucial to allow them to stay comfortable and wholesome.

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