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Suspected ISIS member linked to 2015 bombings turned out to be AKP member

Ahmet Berk, who is linked to Diyarbakir, Suruç and Ankara-October 10 attacks, said that he is a AKP member in the police statement, according to Turkish Press.

Berk confessed that he went to shootout zones but did not participate in battles. He said he was taken into custody from the membership of an “armed organization” before and then released.

It turned out that 13 people were sued of being related with Diyarbakır bomber Orhan Gönder, Suruç bomber Şeyh Abdurrahman Alagöz and Ankara-October 10 bomber Yunus Emre Alagöz with a case file that was sent for the file about Walentina Slobodjanjuk, the fugitive defendant of October 10 attack.

Mehmet İşbar and Salih Küçüktaş, who are alleged to have sent bombers to Syria, are among the 13 suspects who are accused of being members of ISIS.

They Have Been Released Before

According to Arda Erşin from Evrensel, Ahmet Berk said that he was a member of the AK Party Provincial Youth Branch 3-4 years ago and that he is still a member.

Berk also said that he went to Aleppo through smugglers when he heard the battles in Syria. He continued as followings; “I went to Aleppo by myself, the smugglers in the area helped me cross the border in exchange of some money. I participated Free Syrian Army group in order to help the people who were wounded in the war in the Aleppo. I stayed there for about 7-8 days. During my stay I could not understand who was behind the Free Syrian Army and what it was serving to. This situation also bothered me, I returned to Turkey as I came from the region.”

Berk said that he did not adopt the constitutional order in Turkey by saying “I did not vote in elections made. There is no specific reason why I did not vote. Turkey is also a Place of Battle (Darül Harp) region.” 

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