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Germany: Turkey violated the Vienna Convention

Germany has criticized Turkey for not obeying diplomatic obligations after detaining one more German citizen in Turkey. The German government, rather than informing Turkish authorities chose to use a third party.

Is there a new crisis between Turkey and Germany? The German Foreign Minister spokesman Martin Schafer said that a German citizen called Mesale Tolu was detained on 30th April and arrested on 6th May. ‘Turkish authorities didn’t inform the German government and acted against diplomatic obligations.’

According to Schafer’s statements, German diplomats couldn’t contact Tolu who is being held in prison, and the German government is scrambling to communicate with her, in İstanbul. He also said that imprisoned German citizen did not hold dual citizenship. Saying that ‘This is a violation of Vienna Convention on diplomatic conventions,’ Mr. Schafer said that the Turkish authorities should consider the practice and obey their international obligations.

Spokesman Schafer stated that there were 6 detained German citizens in Turkey, including journalist Deniz Yücel and Tolu, and some had an overseas ban because of criminal investigations. ‘Investigations that take many years to resolve are inexplicable. Those are suspicious, unfair and illegal.’ told Schafer during his statement.

Seibert: We are concerned

Steffen Seibert, Angela Merkel’s spokesman, also made a statement about the issue. He criticized the fact that the German government wasn’t informed about the arrested German citizens and he echoed their concerns. Seibert demanded the prisoners given the right to contact with German diplomatic representatives.

It was reported that Mesale Tolu is arrested for ‘being a member of terror organization’ and ‘making propaganda for terror organization’. She is 33 years old and has a two years old son.

Her brother talked to a radio program in Ulm and said ‘They don’t let us see her, or visit her. There is not a particular accusation against her.’ He also mentioned that his sister could only see her lawyer three times after she was arrested.

Translation Ebru Aksay, Edited by Jane Bannerman

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