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Infighting intensifies within the AKP Camp: Islamists vs. Pelicans

Mustafa Oz, Texas

Politics can lose much more power by making room for that kind of journalists said Yeni Akit newspaper’s author Kenan Alpay about the debates following the controversial words of journalist Cem Küçük, which the T24 summarized.

Last week journalist Cem Kucuk said, “Now AKP should separate its way with these radical Islamists, the crazy types in the Mavi Marmara.”

Cem Küçük’s words started an intense debate among Turkish journalists, some argued that there were plans to remove Islamists from the AKP: “One might want to eliminate the Islamists from AK Party. But I don’t think anyone can possibly do it” said journalist İsmail Kılıçarslan.

Another journalist Ahmet Taşgetiren argued: “AKP must first eliminate these gangs of journalists from seizing its image,” journalist Sibel Eraslan supported Mr. Taşgetiren’s argument, and said ‘that’ kind of reporters and people should not be in the AKP “in this new period.”

In his article titled “Before the style, let’s discuss the rules, the principles and the goals” Kenan Alpay said “We cannot discuss Cem Küçük in the context of journalism. Those people are known as a part of the Pelican gang. We remember that kinds of individuals from the past. In the history of Turkish Republic, some Kemalists or Gulenists spoke on behalf of the state or the intelligence to design the society. Today these groups are eliminated, but now the Pelican gang took their place.”

Referring to the controversial words of Cem Küçük, Alpay said “There is neither a fight within the AKP family nor a conflict between the allies of AKP, but there is a struggle against a group that is trying to design society and this group declared that Islamist frictions in the AKP are radicals and maniacs. Thus they suggested that these Islamists should be eliminated from the AKP. However, it should be noted that there is no significant reaction from the political front as it is in the call for “the liquidation of Islamist in the AKP.” Why? Because the group that is making this argument (refers to the Pelican group) has no ideological background or social legitimacy, and they don’t represent any part of the Turkish society” said Alpay.

Insulting whole of Islamist Paper Yenişafak

Cemil Barlas, another leading Erdoganist also a talking head who regularly make TV programs everyday along with Cem Küçük, attacked one of leading Islamist pro-AKP newspaper on a live TV. Barlas, talking about Yenisafak Newspaper, said ”there is not any human being in that paper apart from Salih Tuna,” one of writers who appears to be aligning with Pelikan Groups, video below.

On the other hand, another Erdoganist but also Islamist talking head Fatih Tezcan has brought a new theory into the mix and claimed that it’s FETO who made Cem Kucuk to attack Islamist on Thursday morning. According to Tezcan theory, Rasim Ozan Kutahyali, another Erdoganist and former pro-Gulenist, was influenced by crypto Gulenists within the Turkish Intelligence, MIT.

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