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Conflict between Hotels and Travel agencies is getting bigger

Following the lawsuit from TÜRSAB and the court decision to shut down booking.com’s activities in Turkey, hotels and travel agencies are in conflict. Travel agencies claim that booking.com is making hotels sold out by giving them sale guarantees, not paying taxes in Turkey, selling rooms for cheaper prices and taking more commissions. However, hotels are saying the opposite.


“We don’t make price contrats with booking. We only give them commissions. The claim that we give cheaper room prices to Booking is not true. Because, we are determining prices based on our sales figures, not Booking,” said  Osman Ayık, President of TÜROFED. Aylık, emphasise that hotels are suffering due to the verdict. And he noted that they will litigate for their losses, which caused by this verdict.


TÜRSAB President Başaran Ulusoy said that travel agencies should have same conditions and lots of small agencies were shut down because of Booking. “We don’t want our citizens to suffer from this. We don’t have repressive mindset but there is an injustice and our job is to protect our members. Booking should open an office here” said Ulusoy.


“Even the ones who owns 3-5 houses are marketing on booking.com. There is no controlling. Booking reservations are behing the terror” said Veli Çilsal, boss of Anı Tur. And general director of Jolly Tur, Figen Erkan noted that global sites are violating data security.


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