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Russian Spokesman: We are at the last stage to sign agreement to sell S400 missile defense to Turkey

Russia has stated that discussions are going on with Turkey regarding sending S-400 Air Defense System to Turkey. Acc. to Russian newspaper Izvestiya, it is now price negotiation phase. Discussions about sales of S-400 systems were held between Turkish President Erdogan and Russian President Vladamir Putin during Erdogan’s visit to Moscow last week and it was stated they are strongly bonded to realization of this sale. Spokesman of Russian President, Dmitri Peskov confirmed this news to Izvestiya news agency. According to pro-AKP Aksam Newspaper, “spokesperson Peskov confirmed that President Erdogan and Putin agreed on S-400 missile defense system.” In parallel Defense Miniser Sergei Shoygu also confirmed discussions. Acc. to this, Turkey is interested in this matter. In the meantime, Peskov mentioned that Russia is not against cooperation in this subject: “Both sides are interested and discussions will go on”


According Turkish Daily Hurriyet, Defense Minister Shoygu, mentioned that sales deal of S-400 systems was discussed in detail during discussions held in Kremlin Palace. In case deal is confirmed, two sides’s ministeries will handle concluding the orders.

Experts indicate that in case deal is done, this will the first contract ever made between Ankara and Moscow. President of Strategy Analysis Center Ruslan Puhov underlined that this would be a strong political initiative, a significant signal to USA and Nato. He added : If USA and Nato would not respect Turkey, then Turkey would strengthen relations with Russia. Weapons are not always ordered for military purposes but in the meantime this deal will improved Turkey’s defence power. Actually Turkey owns old defence systems and the deal would bring improved technology to Turkey”

Pro-AKP Media Celebrating S400

Pro-AKP media has been celebrating and congratulating the Turkish administration for deciding to buy missile defense system from Russians arguing that neither NATO nor US trusted when it comes to defense of Turkey

Update: Pentagon Commented

When asked about the reports that Russia is about to sell S400 defense missile system to NATO ally Turkey, Pentagon Spokesman Eric Pahon said, “We’re not going to comment on a Russian / Turkish deal.  Please contact their respective government liaisons.”

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