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Pro-Government Columnist calls Foreign Aid Agencies in Turkey as Spy Agencies

Columnist Ersin Ramoğlu writing for Sabah Daily, which is the closest paper to President Erdogan’s palace, called Syrian aid agencies operate around Turkey’s Syria border spy agencies and should be banned on March 6. Coming from President Erdoğan’s Palace’s mouthpiece, it gives an important context for recent Ankara decision to de-register Mercy-Corps.

Column translated by Washington Hattı staff which is titled: Foreign Aid Organization at City of Hatay are full of Spies

The southern cities of Turkey became a paradise for spies. Foreign aid agencies are full of spies. The main ones are US and German foundations … One of my readers from Gaziantep described that to me as, “It is very painful for me as citizen of Gaziantep who suffered from English and French persecution to see that many foreign organizations and employees around us.”

They are very sneaky ad sneak among us by using ‘humanitarian aid’ cover. Some of traitors who sell their honor (the author means Turkish citizens) for money also help them.

I wrote about this a lot …But authorities are just noticing this.

Look at the set up…

Hatay, our closest city to Syria. Here, foreign NGOs which operates under the name of ‘humanitarian aid’ transferred one billion dollars to the Syrian PKK through the intermediaries. They transferred huge amount of money. It is a known fact that the money was transferred to the Syrian PKK by help of FETO. USA is paying salary to almost everybody in town of Afrin and going to use them against Turkey. US supports the Syrian PKK, not only with armory, but also with millions of dollars money. This money was sent to so-called charities operating in Hatay. The city is filled with these types of organizations with full of spies. Having an access to their offices is harder than to access the Pentagon … Official, unofficial many people works for them and most of them are members of PKK


The aim of US-based pseudo-aid organizations is not to help innocent people and children in Syria. Although for this purpose they came to Hatay, their main aim was to prepare the civil war zone in Turkey and to disrupt the demographic structure of Syria. They organized 15 July coup attempt together with FETO. They shot down the Russian plane … 35 Kurd smugglers in Roboski get killed by them. The intention was to disturb our relations with the Russians, and sabotage the peace process with Kurds.

USA and Germans prepared this set up together. Frenchs and the British were with them. FETO was a subcontractor. Their purpose was not to help. The main purpose was to cause disarray in Turkey and settle in the Middle East.

Among the charity organizations, International Medical Corps (IMC) of United States is the leading one. Ireland-based IRC followed them. Then Dutch foundations and associations. Save The Children International (SCI), recognized as an organization for children’s education, a US-based Catholic Relief Services (CRS), Mercy Corps and others…

Fortunately, Mercy Corps’ entire release was canceled.

We hope the same for others.


Foreigners working for these organizations have been spying on us  while looking into our eyes with a work permit they received from the International Labor Force General Directorate.

Of course they are not going to say ‘I am going to spy’. They issue permission requests under the name of ‘humanitarian specialist’. Once they get permission they lay out mines in Adana, Hatay, Gaziantep, Şanlıurfa, Diyarbakır and Hakkari. There is a British who left the Mercy Corps, whose operation was suspended. His name is Vincent O., struggling to get permission. They call him today’s Lawrence.

As soon as Turkish authorities noticed Europe and the United States’ set up, they start to cancel permits of the workers in these institutions and the sanctions started to come to the fore.

As you can see, whole Europe countries joined to ‘no’ gang. Germany, Netherlands and Austria forbade meetings for ‘yes’. They were democrats right? Weren’t they the unshakable advocates of the freedom of speech? What happened? Why our ministers being censored? Because we started hunt their spies and put an end to their games.

Our eyes are full open now… We pissed those assholes. They are our enemies … This is obvious …

There is also betrayal of Republican People’s Party(CHP) members who are the supporter of FETO.

Names of these CHP members repeatedly appeared in German newspapers along with anti-Turkey news. The source of these anti-Turkey, pro-PKK and pro-FETO news were CHP deputies.

Is not it a pity? Is there another place such as Anatolia or this country?

Is there such a homeland, surrounded by the sea on three sides, where the four seasons lived?


Why are you betraying us, lan (a slang word for used during heated discussions)?


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