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Most difficult conditions for pro-Kurdish HDP to campaign for an election

Daily Cumhuriyet reported on the difficult conditions which the pro-Kurdish HDP has been trying to campaign, translated by WHattı staff. HDP co-chairs as well as a dozen HDP MPs are still in jail.

Nearly one and half month left to referendum on constitutional reforms but there are no campaigns like on elections period. Grand National Assembly of Turkey (TBMM) is still open, so that especially the opposition parliamentarians can not go to their electoral districts and because of the state of emergency, opposition civil society is not effective. HDP (Peoples’ Democratic Party) is having hard times to continue their works due to their detained parliamentarians and arrests and custodies at their provincial organizations.

Referendum on constitutional reforms will-be held on April 16, which is six weeks later

Details are coming on political parties’ campaigns but still, there is no campaign athmosphere in the public. Last week, HDP held campaign introduction event simultaneously in three different cities. Wıth this event in İstanbul, İzmir and Diyarbakır, HDP announced their referendum campaign’s slogans, images and songs.

HDP is also preparing a special study that will aim to improve motivation to go to the ballots, especially for the voters in the region.  According to surveys, it shows that the motivations of going to the ballots are lower than the elections that held on June 7 or November 1. HDP will follow a special strategy to encourage their voter base, especially. Their goal is to achive this by informing the voters in every neighborhood and village.

It is said that both General Assembly and committee works in TBMM will continue until March 16 or Mach 23. However, this situation makes hard times for HDP and their referendum campaign, especially due to their almost disfunctional provincial organizations after the arrest and custodies. Sources that known as close to HDP says that because of the state of emergency, the civil society is restrained and the activities in streets for referendum are not allowed.


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