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Germans prefer Greece over Turkey as holiday destination

According to German Research Company GFK’s analysis based on the data of 1,500 travel agencies, there is a significant decline in the preferences of Germans to choose Turkey as travel destination over the last year. According to data acquired for month of January German bookings in Turkey have declined by 58 percent compared to the previous year, Turkish Daily Birgün reported. Families with children who did prefer Turkey as holiday destination in 2015, nowadays prefer countries like Balearic Islands, Portugal, or Bulgaria.

While the number of German travelers who choose Turkey as holiday destination declines, there is a significant increase in numbers of who choose Greece. It is noted that reservations for Greece have tripled compared to 2012. According to GFK data, Greece ranks second most popular holiday destinations after Balear Islands (Mallorca, Menorca and Ibiza) among Germans. Turkey is ranked fourth on the list right after the Canary Islands. Additionally while the number of Germans who prefer Egypt 91 percent increased, the number of those who prefer Morocco is doubled.

Cost of International tourism is 60 billion euros

Germans spend about 60 billion euros in a year for international tourism and have already booked their destinations over the Internet and travel agencies for the summer season of 2017 which is going to cost 5.8 billion euros. It is stated that 43 percent of the 2017 reservations are made for summer season. GFK official Dörte Nordbeck said “Turkey is lacking in reservations, especially when it comes to the quality-service and price-rating ratio of the hotels in Turkey, it is not possible to find elsewhere that good.”


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