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Five High School Students Investigated for Listening to Kurdish Music.


14-year-old first-year student Y.B. and five classmates from Aydin Anadolu Imam Hatip High School were accused by the school administration of listening to Kurdish music and performing Kurdish folk dances. After the administration filed a formal complaint with the prosecutor about the students’ behavior, Y.B. and his classmates were transferred to the court, which released them on parole.

A guidance counselor at Aydin Anadolu Imam Hatip high school observed first-year student Y.B. and five classmates listening to Kurdish music between classes. According to the complaint, faculty members confiscated and copied the memory card containing the music the students had been playing. The counselor notified school authorities of the situation, and together they filed a criminal complaint against the students with the prosecutor.

Listening to Kurdish Music Considered Terror Propaganda

On the basis of this complaint, the six students were summoned to give statements to the police by order of the prosecutor’s office on February 14. Y.B. and his father, A.B. (36) went with his friends to the Aydin Provincial Police Juvenile Department and were transfered to the court on charges of “making propaganda for a criminal [terror] organization.” The court released the students on parole by the court because of insufficient evidence, but the students say they have not been able to return to school because of the psychological difficulties caused by their experiences, and report being ostracized by their classmates.

Student’s Family Responds to Investigation

A.B., the father of Y.B., the student on whose memory card the Kurdish music was stored, said the children had been treated unfairly and that he was going to file a complaint about the school administration. A.B. said, “No one should be declared a traitor because they listen to Kurdish music. We are not going to let this go. We will seek our rights through all available means.” Neither the Aydin Provincial Directorate of National Education nor the Aydin Anadolu Imam Hatip Lisesi had any comment on the matter.


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