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Calls for boycotting Dogan Media after firing of journalists for revealing their vote against Erdogan

Kanal D’s news anchor İrfan Değirmenci has been fired due to the fact that he declared on social media that he would vote “no” in the referendum that will be held on 16th April.

Değirmenci explained in 20 tweet thread on his Twitter account why he will vote ‘’no’’ in the referendum.

He stated “#No! ’No’ to the one who views scientists, artists, writers, cartoonists, students, workers, farmers, miners, journalists and others who do not obey as the enemy.”

Değirmenci made his first statement via Twitter after Turkish press reported that he got fired due to revealing his stance for April referendum. He tweeted: “How beautiful we are, how proud we are. We are so many. Saturday “with ’Hayır’ (good luck)” to all of us.”

On the same day Dogan Media also reportedly fired another journalist, columnist Hakan Çelenk for the same reason: revealing his vote that will be ”No” in the referendum.

On the other hand, it turned out that same Dogan Media that fired journalists for saying their positions would be ‘no’ in the referendum, kept others who revealed their votes will be ‘yes’ like Fatih Çekirge.

Calls for boycotting Dogan Media

Kanal D in a statement on 11th February said: “With his messages posted on social media on Feb. 10, our colleague İran Değirmenci clearly took a side in a topic that is being debated among the public. Therefore, we are canceling his contract.”

Following the group’s statement, social media users have called for boycott of Dogan Group’s newspaper and channels. Dogan Group, among others, owns Hurriyet, CNNTurk, Kanal D, Posta and others.

As the boycott calls began to circulate on social media, thousands on Twitter accounts began to share hashtag #BoycottDoganmedia in Turkish #DoganMedyaBoykot. It became the top trend of Turkey on Saturday along with Irfan Degirmenci focused trend.

The Doğan Media Group, which is one of the largest media groups in Turkey, is being widely criticized for abandoning critical journalism and yielding to growing government pressure on the media in Turkey.

Many others suggested Dogan Media to take a new logo to reflect their new stance. There are many sample of logos displayed on the social media, one suggested by HDP MP Ziya Pir:

Melike Gül Demir

Duru Behar

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