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Police intervention in protest at Ankara University – What Happened Today

In order to support the academicians who were dismissed from duty with the latest governmental decrees, the police interfered to some academicians, deputies and citizens concentrated at the Ankara University Cebeci Campus.

The group was prevented from entering the campus and making press statements by the police force.

Doğan News Agency reported that the police interfered with the protesters with pepper spray and plastic bullets.

Funda Başaran, one of the academicians who had been exported from Ankara University Communication Faculty who speaks in BBC Turkish, said, “Our 20 friends whom we know for sure are currently in custody, and there are also academicians and students who are exported.”

“We do not leave campus because we are worried about our students and our friends being taken into custody,” Başaran said.

Ankara Governor’s Office and Police Department sources said that they will not make an explanation about the intervention at Cebeci and detention yet.

“I’ve been battered”

Dinçer Demirkent, a member of the Ankara University Faculty of Political Science, also said that he was beaten by the police and dragged out from the campus:

“I did not have any problems when I entered the school at 9 o’clock in the morning and then when I wanted to get in again, the university security officer said he could not let me in. Then the police came and dragged me out from the school by hitting the back and neck.”

Cenk Yiğiter, one of the academicians of the University of Ankara, explained to the BBC Turkish that a civilian punched him after being told that no one is allowed at the facility.

“My colleagues and my students were trying to protect me from the police, and we were all dragged for 200 meters with their agile force shields, while the supervisors were constantly cursing us.”

Eğitim-Sen (education-union) Ankara Branch, has made a ‘Great Meeting’ call today after the exporters of academics at Ankara University.

After the intervention of the police, some of the group was gathered at the Property Union at Kızılay square and some of them were gathered near the school to make speeches with the members of the parliament.

Translation from BBC Matt Ea Easton


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