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Turkish Armed Forces claim: ISIS Withdrawing From Al Bab

According to the statement from the Turkish Armed Forces (TSK), despite the threats of ISIS, most of the civilian population in Al Bab were able to relocate successfully, although there are still around 15-18 thousand civilians in the city. In the same statement, it was noted by TSK that basic services such as water and electricity are not supplied for most part and the basic living conditions are deteriorated at an alarming level. Those who suffer from health problems have lost their lives. The TSK highlighted the spreading of propaganda efforts by ISIS to avert the civilians from leaving the city.

ISIS has moved its headquarters

According to TSK, ISIS continued to work on fortifications in Al Bab to strengthen the lines of defense and to increase the losses to their opponents, particularly through the fortifications in the vicinity of the Al-Albi mosque and through El Bab-Kadiran. According the information provided from reliable sources in the region, it has recently been noted that there is are large large number of Tunisian refugees in Al Bab, and ISIS has carried all its headquarters and other important bases to the Tadif district.

On the other hand, the latest information on Kabasin shows that the ISIS members who know the location of handmade mines and bombed traps laid in the city died during the air attacks without leaving much traces of information on the whereabouts of these explosives which lead to several ISIS members getting trapped in the middle of these mines with limited sources. TSK announced that the ISIS resistance was severely broken with the staunch attacks by the Turkish Armed Forces and there are signs that ISIS is preparing to withdraw from Al Bab.

Aeron Stein who is Turkey Expert at Atlantic Council said; “I have seen no indication of this. Its impossible to know for sure, but I am skeptical. Yes. Tedef is part of their network of defense for Bab, so claims that they are withdrawing to Tedef dont make sense to me. We shall see what happens. Well, on the other hand, Grozny ended in 2000 with an unexpected withdrawal. These things happen.”



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