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BIA’s Quarterly Media Report: Journalism is in Jeopardy of Government and Judiciary

Independent Communication Network (BIA) announced a 3-month media survey report.

According to the report, as of January 1, 131 journalists were detained in prison, assets of 54 journalists were confiscated and 24 media organizations were shutdown. In the report it is stated that the two biggest obstacles in front of journalism are government and judiciary.

The BIA Media announced a 3-month survey report covering October – November – December. With the KHK (statutory decree), 24 media organs were closed down. The two biggest obstacles to journalism are ruling and judiciary. In report, it is pointed out that in an effort to destroy critical journalism under the security politics of government, saying, “There has not been a single decision to protect journalists’ rights to freedom of expression in six-month in Turkey, which has become the world’s largest journalist’s prison”. 131 journalists are in prison, said in the report, “81 journalists under the investigation of the FETO, 31 journalists arrested Kurdish media, 18 journalists convicted; 7 of them were still tried and 106 of them were under investigation “. According to the report; at least eight journalists and one newspaper center were attacked. 105 journalists were threatened by the social media. 2 journalists’ social media accounts were attacked.

12 Media Blackout Decisions

In the same period, 41 journalists and media workers were detained, including 4 those who worked in international media organs, 21 of which had been closed with the KHK. At least 12 decisions of banning publications permanently or temporarily have been declared in the report, 8 internet news sites have been censored, 24 media organs have been closed, 54 journalists have been confiscated, the two international journalistsnot allowed to enter country. A journalist’s press card is not renewed 2 was canceled.

Attention was drawn to the fact that there were no developments in the attack cases against journalists. “The case of Uğur Mumcu, Bahriye Üçok, Muammer Aksoy and Ahmet Taner Kışlalı murders will be seen again, the Constitutional Court detecting violations of the three defendants. Musa Anter’s murder was blocked in witness statements. A seven-year trial against the murder of journalist Cihan Hayırsevener will be seen again. In front of Agos newspaper building, defendants who dropped black wreath and say “one night we can come unexpectedly” were acquitted.

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