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Dep PM claims Turkey deported 74 thousand ISIS members

74 thousand people who want to join ISIS deported

Turkey’s Deputy Prime Minister Veysi Kaynak stated on Wednesday, “the number of people who got caught right before they join ISIS is 74 thousand. These are the people we deported. People who join ISIS are from 110 different countries -mainly from Western countries- and it is not right to relate this terrorist organization with religion,” said.

Kaynak joined to CNNTURK and pointed out “secularism” in his answer as to what Turkey should do to prevent people to join DEAS.

“Policy of tolerance is important. Secularism is the guarantee of our freedom of religion. Secularism is much needed for those who have faith than those who don’t. I am a Muslim and a government what has different faith than mine must respect to my faith. Second, Our police force is working very well to prevent people who are from different regions to join DEAS.

He also said ISIS members infiltrated via PKK’s Syrian extension. “ The important part is if there are other terrorists like this in Turkey. Our security forces, interior minister and our intelligence agency will know that. I don’t know the number of sleeper cells in Turkey but one person was able to kill 39 people. There are infiltrations from regions that have been formed by PKK’s Syrian extensions to Turkey because of lack of government authority in Syria and Iraq”.

Translated by Oznur Kaya


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