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Turkey’s Only Agenda can not be the Constitution while the Unemployment Rate is 12 percent

HDP Spokeswoman Ayhan Bilgen said that if the coup succeeded on July 15th, a constitutional regulation could be made in this way. “On September 12, Kenan Evren had not dreamed more than that. Now parliament has taken a step to realize the dream of the coup,” he said.

“We want to draw attention to the great collapse of the Turkish economy. Even if it is expressed as “dollar rising”, it actually means, the Turkish economy is faced with a serious risk stemming from the depreciation of the Turkish lira. The purchasing power is gradually falling especially for narrow income.

Unemployment figures rose to 12%. The fact that 500,000 (except post-october data) new unemployed have joined the Turkish society in a short period of time indicates that the economy is not originated from its own natural course, it is precisely from the way of the rule of the country and from the political crisis. We are confronted with the sociological consequences of the fact that the arbitrary action of state of emergency practices has exceeded the dismissal figures over 100 thousand.”

The Constitution, which is to be Made on State of Emergency, is Null and Void

“Our attitude is to draw attention to a problem. It is important to note how much parliamentary democracy works and how much participation is taking place and realized even in terms of deputies. The participation of society in this process is already a drowsiness in itself. In the second round, if the same figures protect themselves, it is clear that the referendum which will take place under the conditions of state of emergency will be invalid from the beginning, null and void.
There are a lot of procedural mistakes. It’s a habit of changing a substance to a single substance; We also face a similar resemblance to the prosecution of members of parliament, and we are faced with a similar case with the constitutional package. It is not an acceptable method to change the Constitution in order to change all the items that contain the word  “Prime Minister” with a single item. If you remove each item with another item, you remove it, if you change it you change it. But making a change by counting the number of items in the current constitution with an article can not be accepted in terms of constitution, in terms of law, parliament’s way of working.”

Even Kenan Evren could not Imagine This Constitution

“Although this seems to be happening with the votes of the parliamentarians, this picture, which will actually weaken the Parliament in terms of both legislative and supervisory tasks, will turn into a decline, in fact, is the liquidation of parliament. We want to share a question; If the coup had been successful on July 15, that is, those who would have controlled political will if they had achieved their goal, they would have demanded a constitution. The coup makers create a new law and they want to rule the country according to this law. If those who carried out the July 15th attempted coups, how would they want us to make a Constitution if they were successful? What would they like to terminate the current parliament and manage the country with a constitution? I think that the first session of the last week’s answer is the completed package. On September 12, Kenan Evren had not imagined more than that. It has not made Parliament a redundant mechanism that is so dysfunctional. Now the parliament has taken a step to pass the dream of the coup d’états.”

A strong ‘No’ for the Benefit of Turkey

“We think that we can reach the freedom of all the social sectors living in Turkey, the peace of the region and the freedom of all with a strong “no”, in a very clear manner. Regardless of who says this attitude, we regard it as the only exit of Turkey to strengthen the cooperation. Whatever the outcome, democracy, freedom struggle, peace struggle will not end in Turkey. We want Turkey to resist this imposition, this pressure, from this threat. We see the election messages as blackmail to put pressure on deputies.”



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