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20 Strange-But-Common Ferret Behaviors

Chances are high, you’ll be able to title a minimum of a couple of behaviors your ferret does that appear somewhat odd and even downright loopy. Perhaps you choose up your ferret one night and uncover his limp, lifeless physique. Your ferret doesn’t appear to be respiration and also you freak out since you assume he’s lifeless. Then your ferret instantly “comes alive” and begins clawing at you. Or maybe your rambunctious ferret is leaping round the home and instantly zooms into the wall or a bit of furnishings and drops to the ground. Has your ferret gone fully bonkers?

“In all probability not,” mentioned Mark Burgess, DVM, an exotics veterinarian in Beaverton, Oregon. “You might assume your ferret is behaving very surprisingly, however that’s since you’re taking a look at issues from a human perspective. From a ferret’s perspective, the behaviors are completely regular.” The one time an “odd” conduct is perhaps one thing irregular is that if it’s a sudden change in conduct, which could point out sickness, Burgess says.

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As a ferret proprietor, it’s useful to know what a few of these “loopy however regular” behaviors are. For one factor, it prevents your worrying once you observe your ferret doing this stuff. Secondly, it helps you higher recognize your ferret for the fascinating creature he’s.

If solely we might ask our ferrets precisely what they’re considering once they do these loopy behaviors! However whereas we are able to’t do this, we are able to make educated guesses about why pet ferrets do sure behaviors, based mostly on scientific data of regular ferret conduct within the wild. Listed below are some possible explanations from ferret conduct.

1. Why does my ferret sleep so soundly that he seems lifeless?

This generally known as “ferret lifeless sleep.”

“You may maintain him, poke him, yell at him, and the ferret nonetheless received’t get up,” mentioned Mike Dutton, DVM, an exotics veterinarian in Weare, New Hampshire. “The ferret’s simply in a really, very deep sleep. Ferrets play very laborious, and typically they really want that deep sleep to recuperate in spite of everything that exercise.”

Your ferret will “come to” as soon as he will get all the remainder he wants.

2. Why does my ferret dig meals out of his bowl?

“Ferrets are burrowing critters,” mentioned Debbie Saunders, co-founder of the Star Metropolis Ferret Membership in Roanoke, Virginia. “Give them a bin of pellets and watch them go to city!”

She says ferrets are born to dig. Within the wild, they dig by piles of dust. In a house, their meals bowl is the subsequent neatest thing. Digging is a tricky conduct to attempt to cease. As a result of ferrets normally eat the ferret meals they’ve scattered, most pet house owners simply be taught to dwell with it.

3. Why does my ferret nip my toes?

Don’t be stunned in case your ferret comes as much as you and chomps your toes.

Understand although, “He’s not doing it to be imply, however moderately in an effort to interact you in play,” mentioned James Falkner, director of the Woogie Wescue ferret shelter in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. “Ferrets have very thick pores and skin, and so what’s a painful chew to us wouldn’t be felt by one other ferret.”

To attempt to redirect this conduct, each time your ferret nips your toe, inform it “No” and supply it a ferret chew toy.

4. Why does my ferret hiss like a snake?

Ferrets hiss once they’re mad or scared.

“The ferret is de facto simply attempting to inform others that in case you begin messing with me ‘I’m going to chew you and make you remorse it,’” Dutton mentioned. He advises you not choose up a hissing ferret, as a result of chances are you’ll get bitten. Nevertheless, in case you should, put on gloves.

5. Why does my ferret hoard small objects?

Ferrets pilfer jewellery, cellphones, silverware, key chains and different small objects and tote these off to secret hiding locations. They could cart this stuff with their paws and of their enamel, and even push and scoot their booty with their entrance paws.

“Their pure intuition is to hoard issues. In the event that they kill a mouse and don’t eat all of it, they’ll cover it so one other animal doesn’t get it,” Burgess mentioned. “After they hoard home goods, it’s an offshoot of stashing away prey animals they’ve caught.”

6. Why does my ferret wag his tail?

Like canine, ferrets wag their tails when they’re very blissful or excited.

“It’s not as widespread in ferrets as it’s in canine, however it’s all the time a nice conduct to look at when it does occur,” Burgess mentioned.

7. Why does my ferret scoot his rear finish on the ground?

Usually ferrets do that proper after utilizing the litter field. Burgess says that is the equal of ferret graffiti.

“Your ferret is telling the world ‘I used to be right here!’ As he drags his rear finish, he leaves olfactory cues that inform different ferrets he’s claiming this space as his.”

8. Why does my ferret scatter litter out of the field?

In the case of utilizing the litter field, there are sloppy ferrets and there are tidy ferrets.

“The sloppy ones simply actually get into digging,” Dutton mentioned. “They could dig into the litter and assume it feels fairly good doing it, and for some ferrets, which may be self-reinforcing.”

9. Why does my ferret make clucking sounds?

When ferrets are blissful, contented or excited, they usually make a chortling or clucking sound generally known as “dooking.”

“[It] can imply something from ‘Oooh, a brand new scent or new ferret!’ to ‘I’m a cheerful, blissful, blissful boy!” Saunders mentioned.

Ferrets are sometimes leaping or leaping across the room on the similar time.

10. Why does my ferret poof-out his tail?

In case your ferret feels threatened or frightened, “He may poof-out his tail, actually making all of the fur stand on finish,” Dutton mentioned. “That is the ferret’s approach of attempting to look bigger and extra intimidating, and attempt to push back predators.”

The ferret may also be hissing on the similar time, Dutton provides.

11. Why does my ferret wrestle one other ferret?

This conduct begins out with one ferret grabbing one other by the scruff and flipping him over on his again. The 2 ferrets then roll round collectively very quickly on the ground.

“They’re taking part in and having enjoyable,” Burgess mentioned, “however they’re additionally determining which one is extra dominant.”

That’s normally the ferret that does a lot of the flipping. It would look tough, he says, however it’s normally nothing it’s a must to attempt to cease. Chances are high, the ferrets received’t damage one another.

12. Why does my ferret seize one other ferret and shake him?

One other approach a ferret may declare dominance is to chew one other ferret on his neck or stomach to get a very good grip, and shake him again and again.

“That is normally achieved by dominant ferrets which are very territorial,” mentioned Donna Spirito, co-founder of the Educated Ferret, a shelter and academic affiliation in South Hadley, Massachusetts.

She provides that often a ferret that’s new to a house might chew and shake the opposite ferret residents, to attempt to “show himself” to them.

13. Why does my ferret dance for pleasure?

When you discover your ferret bouncing off the partitions, leaping from one piece of furnishings to a different, and seemingly going 100 miles an hour, don’t be alarmed. Your ferret is doing what’s known as the “dance for pleasure.”

“This can be a direct results of an animal having a lot pleasure and power that it can’t be contained,” Faulkner mentioned. “And so they don’t know precisely what to do with themselves, and that is the way it comes out.”

The very hyper motion is commonly accompanied by vocalizations that sound loads like a human snort.

14. Why does my ferret do the weasel struggle dance?

Generally ferrets do what appears to be like just like the “dance of pleasure,” however in actuality they’re doing the “weasel struggle dance.” This conduct appears to be like comparable in that the ferret is transferring very spastically. Nevertheless, the distinction is that his tail is poofed-out, his coat is bristled and he’s hissing.

“Ferrets do the struggle dance once they’re agitated or frightened,” Dutton mentioned. “When you observe this, give your ferret some house till he settles down.”

15. Why does my ferret slam into my partitions?

Whereas your ferret dances round your property, don’t be stunned if he runs head-on right into a wall or piece of furnishings.

“Ferrets are typically uncoordinated and clumsy, and their imaginative and prescient is poor,” Burgess mentioned. “Most can solely see a pair toes in entrance of them, and so they have very unhealthy depth notion, which explains lots of their klutziness.”

16. Why does my ferret scoot backward right into a nook?

In case your ferret backs right into a nook and his tail is poofed-out, he’s in all probability scared. But when his tail appears to be like regular, your ferret might be simply backing as much as urinate or defecate.

“Within the wild, if a ferret have been to go potty within the open they know they might be lunch to any flying prey chook,” Spirito mentioned. “By backing right into a nook, they’ve their mouths to guard them. It’s a part of their inherited intuition and a few skill to motive.”

17. Why does my ferret ransack my hamper?

Your ferret may rummage by your hamper, pick some light-weight soiled garments objects like shirts and socks, and relocate them to his sleeping spot.

“I imagine ferrets do that as a result of our scent is on them, and so they need to line their bedding space with our scent,” Saunders mentioned, “and so they desire a comfortable mattress too.”

18. Why does my ferret dunk his head in his water bowl?

Some ferrets prefer to put their heads of their water bowls, protecting their ears.

“Within the wild, a ferret may seek for meals in ponds and rivers,” Dutton mentioned. “Your pet ferret could also be attempting to do the identical factor. If nothing else, he’s simply taking part in within the water and having a very good time.”

19. Why does my ferret chew himself?

Ferrets are inclined to have itchy pores and skin.

“In case your ferret bites himself, he’s in all probability simply grooming himself to alleviate the itch,” Spirito mentioned.

Normally that is nothing to fret about. Nevertheless, in case you discover your ferret biting himself extra intensely or extra usually than what’s typical for him, have your ferret checked out by a veterinarian. He might have a pores and skin lesion or fleas and wish some medical care.

20. Why does my ferret chase me?

Ferrets take pleasure in chasing video games. Generally they chase one another; different occasions they need to chase their people.

“Your ferret may attempt to provoke play by coming as much as you and biting your toe. Then he’ll run off, wanting you to comply with after him,” Dutton mentioned.

It may be a enjoyable sport, so long as you’re cautious to not step in your fuzzie. You might also get some train!

The chasing sport, together with many different play behaviors like wrestling and nipping, are a mirrored image of the truth that ferrets are carnivores.

“With carnivores, play conduct is an imitation of looking conduct — coaching for the true world — which is why they play tough,” Burgess mentioned. “They’re practising the right way to use their claws and their enamel, the right way to chase prey, pounce on them and lure them.”

In distinction, an herbivore or prey animal pet (resembling a guinea pig or rabbit) doesn’t must follow looking, in order that they don’t play as a lot. They only want to remain out of sight in order that they don’t get caught.

“With a ferret, count on lots of rowdy, playful antics,” Burgess mentioned. “You may’t assist however be entertained by all their loopy behaviors.”

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