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10 Things That Drive a Narcissist Insane

Are you in a relationship with a narcissist? Then it is best to know which you could by no means win the video games they play. The narcissist will at all times win as a result of the reality is, they don’t love you and so they don’t actually care about you. So that they have the higher hand. Nevertheless, it is best to know that there are particular issues that may drive a narcissist insane.

In need of going no contact, these issues are highly effective defenses in opposition to the narcissist.

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Not solely that, understanding these triggers may be extremely helpful as a result of it may well allow you to determine when somebody reacts like a narcissist. When seemingly easy, mundane issues end in a wild overreaction, you realize one thing isn’t proper.

So with out additional ado, let’s check out 10 issues that may drive a narcissist insane.

1. Shedding

For those who search for the definition of a “sore loser” in a dictionary, it’ll say “narcissist.” OK, it doesn’t nevertheless it ought to.

Narcissists hate shedding. They imagine that they’re one of the best at every part and shedding to these they imagine to be inferior may be infuriating.

Since narcissists are at all times in pursuit of standing and admiration from others, shedding for them is usually a devastating ego blow that may set off their narcissistic damage.

That’s why narcissists will do something to win. They may lie, cheat, betray, manipulate — all within the identify of profitable. And even when they lose, they’ve a lot of ego defenses in opposition to shedding.

For instance, in the event that they have been making an attempt to win a celebration sport and misplaced, they’ll get offended and announce that the sport was rigged, the principles are incorrect, it’s silly, they misplaced on function, and so on.

In search of promotion at work is one other scenario that may interact their want to win and showcase their superiority.

So if you wish to see a narcissist go nuts, make them lose. Get one over them and benefit from the present.

2. Incapability to Management Others

Narcissists wish to be in management. They often have a transparent thought of how issues are purported to be and the way others ought to behave.

When actuality refuses to adapt to their image and when different folks go in opposition to the narcissist’s needs and concepts, this will set off an explosive response.

For instance, consider a narcissistic guardian who sees their youngster as an extension of them. The kid will not be allowed any individuality or self-expression. Any want they specific is censored or criticized.

So any deviating from the guardian’s deliberate script (like selecting a unique profession or a accomplice the guardian doesn’t approve of) leads to anger and punitive motion in opposition to the kid.

This may be devastating if you’re rising up. However as an grownup, you should use it in opposition to the narcissist in your life. Step out of their management. Or higher but, stroll away.

While you stroll away from them, you’re prone to uncover that originally, it’ll make them work more durable to achieve their management again. They may double their efforts to make you conform to their expectations. However if you happen to’re not backing down, ultimately they’ll go away you alone.

3. Rejection

It might not appear like it however many narcissists have a concern of abandonment or rejection.

Whereas they could seem to have robust vanity and confidence, that is typically not more than a facade. Beneath that false bravado is a fragile, immature ego that wants fixed bolstering.

Particularly, being left or rejected can puncture that sense of confidence and provoke a powerful response from a narcissistic individual. The kind of response relies on the kind of narcissism.

An overt (or grandiose) narcissist is prone to get offended and search vengeance or retribution.

A covert (or susceptible) narcissist will react to perceived abandonment by in search of reassurance.

For instance, in the event that they really feel their accomplice would possibly go away them, they might begin love-bombing (exhibiting exaggerated expressions of affection and affection) or use different manipulation ways to affect the end result.

Both method, they’ll positively be irked by an expertise of rejection.

4. Being Ignored

Narcissists often attempt to be on the focus. They may search the highlight and attempt to reframe the scenario to be about them.

For instance, a narcissistic lady can come to her buddy’s marriage ceremony carrying a white bride-like costume and be having fun with the whispers and the raised eyebrows. She will be able to additionally make a scene and make the celebration finally about her.

Being ignored is torture for a narcissist. Which suggests it’s an extremely great tool at your disposal. Nothing is extra highly effective than merely ignoring the narc.

As an alternative of being damage or upset about what they mentioned, simply shrug — or higher but — yawn as if that is painfully boring to you. It will absolutely make them tick.

5. Being Criticized

This can be a basic case of “dish it out however can’t take it.”

Though narcissists are sometimes judgmental and demanding of others, they are often very delicate in direction of criticism of their path.

It’s very true if the criticism is expressed in public. Seeing the critique as an try and humiliate them, they could reply in a vicious and private method.

For instance, consider Donald Trump’s late-night tweets about individuals who’ve publicly criticized his insurance policies or actions. They have been private assaults (like calling a lady “ugly”) fairly than arguments addressing the problem.

It’s typical of narcissists. Once they really feel criticized or slighted, they lash out. So criticism is their “scorching button.”

6. Seeing Others Pursue Standing

Narcissists are typically extremely involved with their standing and are preoccupied with attaining extra.

This will drive them to skilled and social success, however may also make them illiberal of different folks’s pursuit of the identical.

In the event that they understand you as a rival who’s in the way in which of their targets or fantasies, they will take swift motion by defaming you or utilizing different instruments in opposition to you to ensure you don’t succeed.

Typically, it may well get fairly ugly as a result of narcissists are completely ruthless when pursuing what they imagine they’re entitled to.

They see excessive social standing as important to their id and if another person enjoys the fruits of standing (wealth, fame, affect), it may well actually get their goat.

7. Lack of Response from Others

A narcissist seeks to set off robust emotional responses from you. It doesn’t even matter how you’re feeling — love-struck, upset or livid. They simply wish to really feel that they’re those that brought about it. It offers them a way of energy.

Though narcissists have severe deficits in terms of emotional intelligence, they’ve a knack for sniffing out your weak spots or “scorching buttons.” So if you happen to allow them to, a narcissist will play you want a violin.

They’re particularly good at concocting provocations to throw you off your sport or set off a adverse emotion.

That’s why an absence of response or response from you is a kind of issues that may drive a narcissist completely insane. It’s extraordinarily disagreeable and even disturbing to them as a result of it pertains to a way of rejection.

So if you happen to don’t wish to be a narcissist’s favourite toy, know your emotional triggers.

8. Feeling Uncovered

Narcissists are typically in denial of their very own errors and shortcomings.

Nevertheless, as a result of they’re at all times involved with public notion, they’re conscious of behaviors that they really feel they is perhaps judged for, like their violent outbursts.

Their “darkish aspect” changing into public information or being uncovered indirectly is the narcissist’s worst nightmare. They may go to excessive lengths to forestall it from occurring.

For those who’ve ever been in a toddler custody battle with a narcissist, you realize this to be true. They may lie and gaslight to cover their true self, all of the whereas making an attempt to color you as a nasty guardian.

So whereas exposing a narcissist isn’t straightforward, if you happen to succeed at it, it’ll actually drive them insane.

9. Unfavorable Comparisons

A narcissist’s vanity is tied to exterior elements resembling bodily look, standing, authority, possessions, and so on. One of these vanity is sort of fragile as a result of it’s primarily based on a comparative perspective.

In different phrases, narcissists be ok with themselves once they examine themselves to others and really feel superior because of the comparability.

Nevertheless, narcissists wrestle when the comparability will not be of their favor or when they’re objectively inferior in a method or one other.

A core narcissistic trait is viewing themselves as higher than others and entitled to particular therapy or privileges. When actuality contradicts this view, a narcissist’s ego defenses go into overdrive.

They may attempt to reduce or ignore the scenario, assault their perceived rival, or increase their standing in a determined try and flip the script.

Certain things can drive a narcissist insane. Short of going no contact, those things are powerful defenses against narcissistic abuse.

10. Seeing Others Joyful

For those who ever dated a narcissist, you understand how complicated the expertise may be. At first, the narcissist is feeding you lies and love-bombing to get you hooked. They are often fascinating and thrilling, and you are feeling such as you’re dwelling a fairytale.

However then somebody occurs — an argument, maybe, or only a disagreement — and your Prince Charming instantly turns right into a fire-breathing dragon.

He’ll be remorseful later, and the fairytale will resume. Till the following episode of rage, jealousy, mendacity, and so on. That is the everyday cycle of abuse in a trauma bond relationship.

For those who handle to outlive, get out of that vicious cycle, and really be glad, know that it’s going to drive the narcissist loopy.

They need you to really feel that your happiness relies on them. They need you to be damaged and depressing with out them. So if you happen to not solely moved on but in addition having fun with life sans their highness, that’s assured to hassle them.

That’s why being glad is the final word revenge on the narcissist.

Certain things can drive a #narcissist insane. Short of going no contact, those things are powerful defenses against narcissistic abuse.

Ultimate Ideas

These 10 issues can actually drive the narcissist insane.

However enjoying thoughts video games or making an attempt to punish the narcissist isn’t essentially a good suggestion. Bear in mind: if you happen to actually wish to take your energy again, it’s important to cease emotionally participating with the narcissist, and ideally, go no contact.

Total, any of us can have some narcissistic tendencies and react badly to a number of of those triggers. Nevertheless, if it occurs constantly or we at all times see the identical conduct from ourselves or another person, it is perhaps value addressing.


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